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Jul 19, 2007
Sutton on Sea, UK
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Adria Panel Van.
Since 1988
I've been putting this post off for a couple of years, but now finally have to make it. I don’t normally put things off, in fact quite the opposite; but whenever this has risen to the top of my to-do list, I’ve always somehow found an excuse to shove it back to the bottom. Anyway.. Here goes…. shock horror We need to put subs up!

Subs started here in 2010 at £12 a year and because so many more subscribed than we anticipated, within a month we had our overhead covered and were able to drop them to £10.

At that time, I was a very well paid, full-time Security Consultant running a small motorhome club as a hobby. However, MotorhomeFun has grown so much that this situation has completely reversed. MotorhomeFun now consumes most of our waking hours leaving little time for anything else.

We have agonised. Might a subscription rise lose us members? We hope not…We presently have just over 2000 subscribers. But knowing people as we do, the increased costs is likely to put plenty of potential members off joining and make some members decide not to renew. We worried about this, but in the end decided that if this did actually happen, would it be so bad? Some would say our rallies are big enough already anyway.

The situation is pretty simple we need to earn more. Sian and I are lucky, we can earn elsewhere, but we cannot do this and run MotorhomeFun at the same time. It’s impossible.

We could operate like other clubs and ask for volunteers. We could get others to run the Funster Stand at rallies, have helpers on the forums or helping with admin and cut our workload. We could, but we don’t want to, we enjoy it too much. And anyway, all that stuff is a step toward having a committee and many here know what we think of those. So..

On the 1st October subs will rise to £15 a year, a price calculated to counter the direct costs of running the club and the amount of work it takes to administer. And, importantly, still offer fantastic value to Funsters.

While this rise will be great news to our many life members who have been waiting for such an increase so they might gloat. :) For some, a rise no matter how small is another bite out of an already stretched budget and decisions will need to be made. Trust us when we say we know all about that.

Don't rush to renew now and save a fiver because before the price rise, we will have another 48-hour subs sale with some life memberships and ten-year subs available at hard to refuse prices.

Running this place, we feel privileged and we laugh a lot, and while we take our 'fun' seriously; we feel blessed to be doing something we enjoy so much. We know this subs rise will generate a bit of flak from some, but for the majority we hope you appreciate what we do and feel it’s worth it.


Jim and Siân
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Robert Clark

Deleted User
I may be wrong @Jim but I thought when I recently re-joined that a recurring PayPal payment was set up.
If so, will this increase automatically to £15 or will it need to be cancelled?
Thanks !

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Nov 18, 2011
Planet Earth
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A van
Over 25 year's
Only 2000 subscribers must be a typo but £15.00 ponds is very good value for money keep up the good work @Jim and @Sian
this forum has helped both my shelf and my wife thrug some of the darkest times in our mirage we have laugh and cried with many of the fantastic funsters.
they have given us support when times have been very dark.
thank you


Deceased RIP
Sep 5, 2011
edge of New Forest
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Frankia Platin Plus
On and off since 1983
You won't be losing me.

will gladly renew when required.

£15 still a bargain

Best £15 that could be spent

Seems reasonable.

won't be going anywhere fast

£15 for a whole year is fantastic value for money

where else could you get so much info and help for £15 a year

Jim , 15 Pounds not a lot these days

It's worth £15 for us girls to wind @simsy56 up in quiz corner

£15.00 ponds is very good value for money k

It's worth £15 to be wound up by you lot too!

At least I have until June 2016 to deliberate. This will cause serious shuffling of next year's budgets followed by some creative accounting. Thank heaven for excel spreadsheet's amortise function I say.

Shhh1t! I'm gonna miss you lot,.........:crying:.., Maybe I'll dig out my excel spread sheet like @Taran_Las and give it some serious thought before September 2016........

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Jul 2, 2008
Cannock, Staffs
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Since 2000
Just when I was in recovery as well.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, still great value.. :)
Anything to avoid a commitee....



May 28, 2008
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since 2007
I'm glad I got life membership when I did but I would have probably kept it going. Is the first page I look at in the morning after Facebook.
I agree with you TrishandTerry
Am also correct in thinking that Funs membership fee also covers the insurance for rallies,( un like some other motorhome forum) that makes it double great value

Brian and Jo

Sep 24, 2007
Funster No
A-Class N+B Arto 88F
Been motorhoming for 15yrs.had an American RV for 7yrs,Now got a Niesmann Bischoff Arto 88F
£15-00 a year ,I would call that excellent value .most of the Motorhome mags now are £4-50 and they don't have a fraction of the help and info that MHF offers to its members.i know what it costs to run a business and its mind surprised it has nt gone up before.well done Jim & Sian and congratulations on creating a great Motorhome club(y) keep up the good work.
Best wishes to you both
Brian & Jo

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