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  • Great to meet you today at Rutland Water. Home and chillin' in this heat. Hope it wasn’t too hot wondering around the nature reserve
    Took my van into person who did the habitation service and he can replace the knob on my fridge - fridge doesn’t need replacing. Good news
    Enjoy the rest of your trip
    Hello, I saw your post about a stolen campervan in 2009. I am thinking about buying it now. Is there more you can tell me about the theft? I assume since an insurance claim was made it was reported to police? Thank you, ATcampman
    Well, not having been underneath I can't really say. I bought it from a fiend who kept it mechanically in good order. Don't know what happened to it after it passed to a lady in Frome who bought it unseen online after it was stolenShe didn't even have keys etc for it when she bought it. I has a spare key. which I sent on. How much is it being sold for? She bought it for $7k in 2009 or 2010.
    It looks like the Frome woman had it for 6 years, the longest of the 12 keepers. The broker is asking £14k for it now- it has 69k miles.
    When I lost it it had done around 60,000 miles. Well it's possibly correct mileage. But unless it has has bodywork done it's not worth £14k. However the Frome woman's husband could have done the bodywork as he specialised in restoring classic cars. Have you seen it yet. It's worth noting that all motor caravans are over priced at present as there is such a great demand.
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