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  • Hi ya i was reading that you have a roller team 690 and that you have uprated the weight to 4.200t can i ask what was involved and also what base vehicle you have fiat/ford and did you have to do any modifications to it many thanks.Russ
    I'm on South Shore next to beach. Wrong shape ball for me!!so not there.
    Dads a fully fledged Geordie, so dragged me up supporting the toon. The Blyth Spartans thing came up on a website the other day when checking how piss poor we were doing this season. Welcome aboard
    Hi we are interested in partnering you with Eurotunnel.
    I’m now going out but will be back in couple of hours if you want to pm me some more details.
    Perfect. I ll update that the partner has been found. I have to go out as well but back later. If not we can sort this tomorrow ? i know we both have to be available so you can add your details almost immediately as I sort out the account. Catch you later
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