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  • Hi Phil
    I am very interested to go and visit Morocco .The information you have could give me the courage to do that.
    i would be obliged if you would send me your guide. It will have to be for next year now,when hopefully this Corona pandemic has been made safe enough for travel.
    It will give me time to prepare.

    Thank you
    Dave and Val

    Hola Phil, any chance of a copy of your guide about Morocco please. Thinking of going early next year. Gracias. Might bump into you in the Peloponnese
    Link sent, try your spam folder if not in your in-box. We cross into Greece and of April, crossing into Crete end of June so will be around for a while.
    Safe Travels,
    Thanks for information.The photo would suggest you could be a fly fisherman.great sport.Good explore the countries of Europe and Slovenia and Croatia are on our route for 2018 shmo
    Yes! Fly fishing has been a life long passion of mine. The picture is from when I visited Vancouver Island several years ago to do some Salmon fishing. Memories that will stay with me for life. Slovenia has some very good fly fishing rivers and can be affordable with a little research and contacting the right people. A wonderful country, as is Croatia.
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