Awaycation Autumn 2023!

Molly has been at the workshop in Rye for nearly a month for some warranty work. Mostly small things and they have all been done. What hasn't yet is the leak we had around the front Heki rooflight. There has been water getting in as we can see the roof board is slightly stained. It's totally dry and the hab check showed no damp. They thought the seal has failed and would need replacing but would require the rooflight removing. It might mean replacing as they often break when removed. We...
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I know I said that this trip would be more spontaneous. But the Yoda in my head kept repeating "Booking you must make...." over and over. Recently a friend had been staying at the Flower Camping site at "Omaha Beach" and said it was pretty decent. Has access to the landing beach and easy walking to the museums and the Atlantic Wall installations left behind by the Germans. Although we have been to the British and Commonwealth landing beaches we have never made it as far as the US beaches...
A final decision on destination was taken once we came back from the last trip to France. We had toyed with heading east and taking in Germany and Austria and maybe Switzerland. In the end it's France again. Less mileage. Fewer tolls! Normandy and Brittany. We also decided that after the last trip where we stayed a maximum of only two nights, this trip we'd do some longer stays in one place. Another decision taken is to be more spontaneous. I was hoping last time to book a few at the...
Not quite. I had set a place marker so that I could come back later and kick the whole lot off. Also so that once I had got the hang of this system with the journal from the June trip was okay, that I knew a bit of what I was doing. So as I sit in the rain at home in Kent, I have been looking at the first steps for when we get across. This week I have had two emails from P&O: 1 - to tell me that the boat I am booked on will depart Dover at 1005 instead or 1105. Not much of a worry as...

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An awaycation happening in June 2023. France. It took me a while ro work out that this was just the description of the journal! Doh!
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