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  • Hi Brian and Jo, we received a sticker but left it on the motorhome screen when we sold up in September. Since then we have learnt the error of our ways and bought a Globecar. We are off on our travels soon and wondered if you could please send us another. Ginny and Mike Teasdale, 12 Pinfold Close, Swinton, Mexborough, S64 8JE
    I was one of the first members but never received a sticker, I also look forward to getting one.

    Ralph Gant
    28 Skripka Drive
    Hi, we are Ginny and Mike Teasdale, 12 Pinfold Close, Swinton, Mexborough, S64 8JE. We look forward to receiving the sticker and many thanks
    We are also 10 year veterans, do we get a sticker as well?
    Brian and Jo
    Brian and Jo
    Yes indeed.if you pm me your full name and address we will mail one to you.could you pls post your interest on the sticker thread to keepit on top .
    Thx. Brian & Jo
    Hi .just reading your thread and I see I'm on reserve list I did post on page 2 that we would like to come but then after you asked for our names I posted again I think page 5 I'm not causing a fuss but a bit dissapointed but I'm sure
    A lot can change by then .best wishes Jan & Mike. (No offense meant)
    No problem I will send one in the post for you.could I just ask please that you post you interest on the 10 yr sticker thread thx
    Thanks for the 10year sticker got on my return today after a week or so away
    Good evening, could you please send my good self a ten years sticker to. N Charman 41 Beacon road, Herne bay Kent CT6 6DJ. Many thanks
    Thank you for your extremely kind offer of a 10 year sticker,I didn't realise I had been a member for 10 years-doesn't time fly?
    Hello Brian , my address is 10 Broad Oak Avenue Haydock ,St.Helens ,Merseyside ,Wa110bt thank you this is a generous gesture and I won't forget it when I need some new tyres .mike.
    Time is an ocean but it ends at the shore,you may not see me tomorrow (Bob Dylan). The moral is "Live for today"
    Old Mo suggests I contact you regarding two tyres for my Motorhome.
    The size is 215/70 P15 C , Michelin fitted at present.
    Can you help? If so please contact me.
    My mobile is 07720723123.
    Regards and Thanks Mike
    Not trying to mix business and pleasure but can you give me a phone number to contact you on in the morning re a pair of tyres for my old Mercedes motorhome.?
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