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  • Hi, that looks like a big rig you have, must cost a fortune to get off the island, I know how much it cost our car years ago to visit a friend in Douglas.
    No reductions for residents, ought to get a petition up or do you work for the shipping line and get staff discount haha
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    Hi, yes it's not cheap. About £220 one way. Only go off once a year, for the winter normally.
    Here's one by return :-)

    Years ago, there used to be 3 sites in this little bay. Sertorium W Herculese and Torres. we used to fly out to stay with Mum & Dad there & always dreamed of getting our own rig to such a pretty bay.
    They all got closed down in the Spanish land grab thing & lay derelict for about 10 years because of the new Spanish coastal building laws.
    Camping Roche.

    Like the look of that mate. Would like to get that far down sometime in the future so it's nice to know there's somewhere suitable that also looks nice. Just put a short-cut into my "Spanish" folder. :)
    P & ff
    Hi mate!
    Yes camping Roche is a nice place, my brother is paying £50 pw all inclusive, fully serviced pitch. It's about 5 miles from Conil, but like you and me, no problem with a runaround pick up. 1 hours run to Gibraltar for cheap fuel, and Morrisons, Marks and Spencer, etc;
    Catch you later.
    Craig and Chris
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