Is he in the right or is he a nuisance,

Jun 18, 2008
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My view is that he's taking the proverbial. The blue badge scheme is there to make day-to-day life easier for those that need it, he's out of order here and should think that he's giving all MHers a bad name.

Hard hat on now while I wait for the attacking comments.

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Apr 5, 2013
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Diane and I are on our BritStop tour and sunning around Norfolk at the mo.

Diane has a blue badge and suffers serve MS and can hardly walk and has a Blue Badge as a result.

I don't think we've ever used or parked in a disabled bay at any time in the m/h. We haven't even brought it with us.

In the car we do, but never in the m/h. It's unfair on others and would probably block access etc. We just look for the nearest, safest place to park and, if it's too far for her to use her stick, I'll dig out the wheelchair and push her to wherever we're heading :)

All the places we've parked the car using the blue badge have clearly stated Free Parking for max 3 hours for Blue Badge Holders. So while this guy is freeloading on the back of goodwill, the local authorities have obviously got it wrong in allowing limitless parking while displaying the badge.

As for his ability to cycle, swim, sauna and walk to the Citadel, well he's taking the piss. Disabled my left butt cheek.

This country's screwed up with the badge system. We personally know of people who have bluffed their way to a badge and disability allowance, for being nothing more than dishonest fat, lazy, overweight loafers, who like to sponge off the backs of those that would really need one. Whole thing needs a complete shake up to sort out those that truly deserve the benefits it brings.

This lazy idiot isn't one of them. Point to note, I bet he's paying Council Tax back on his own property.



Nov 27, 2011
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both myself and my wife are disabled and each have a blue badge. no way would we abuse the system that is in place to help us get easier access to various locations. the access is far to valuable to us to risk by being freeloading tossers

as for the comments regarding cycling etc, just how did he get a badge as its not supposed to be easy to qualify

my attitude is he is stealing a parking space from many many other genuinely disabled people that would love to benefit from that disabled space for a few hours at a time. typical of a selfish generation
Apr 19, 2008
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This selfish person is giving a bad reputation to those who genuinely have disabilities and need to use blue badges.

I truly hope that any disability benefits are investigated and that his entitlement to a blue badge is looked at.

As a blue badge holder I wouldnt dream of taking such advantage and in fact if I am having an exceptionally good day, I park in the normal bays, using my badge only when it is necessary.

Much as I am dreading winter, this summer, mobility wise overall has been the best for me in 10 years regardless of pain and predictability etc.


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Jan 16, 2011
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Thinking about it a little bit I can understand why this guy could apparently give genuine Motorhomers a bad name.
However I do also understand this article was written in a Red Top newspaper. The kind of tabloid publication where sales sometimes seem to matter over news and truth perhaps?
We all know how they always tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, don't they. Some of the lies they have printed over the years are more shocking than the "true stories" they print.

Interesting how they name and shame him, but the 73 year old complainant remains anonymous.
Surely they would not twist and turn facts just to make a story out of nothing would they?
A red top would not run a provocative story against a disabled motor homing pensioner, would they?

They quote he is dumping rubbish in council bins, but no talk about his really nasty waste....
3 months in a parking bay, where is his grey waste and toilet waste going? They did not mention that did they, "Old man dumps waste and poop on shore line"? That would get readers even more enraged.

There is no EHU there, this is Ayr in Scotland, ok the weather has been good but it still gets cold at night especially on the seafront, but he must be the most frugal camper ever, or he has a great solar system and ever lasting batteries, oh and a great gas storage system...

So I'm not saying all that is written is not true, but I may be more sceptical than some when it comes to believing all that is printed in a red top.


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Dec 15, 2013
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We are a cynical lot, in my mind the report in the newspaper is very one sided.
1/ He has a disabled badge, people get blue badges for all kinds of disabilities( some we can't see.
2/ There are no houses within 500 yards of this spot!
3/ He might well be paying council tax for his home address (using no facilities)
4/ All visitors to the area, can and will, use the bins.
5/ They say his "ancient" "old " van is an eyesore. It look to me like a well looked after "Classic" van
6/ If he's using the nearby swimming pool, then that's great he's spending his money in the local community. He'll also have to buy provisions from the local shops.
7/ One or two nice days dose not make for along good summer.
8/ If it's raining he could be the only motor parked on the promenade.
9/ beautiful beside him??????????
What harm is the old buddie doing? The place, after 5 o'clock is only good for boy racers cruising and drinking along the prom.

Someone in their wisdom has picked on this old man and the DR in it's wisdom has produced a very one sided and maybe not all factual story.

In my opinion the story is not news it's victimisation .
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Jul 5, 2014
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Lots og against him and a few for him,in our country he would have been left alone (as long as he tidys up after himself ) by the local Council and police/parking attendants, in fact locals would have been down and asked him if everything was ok,i remember there was a german couple wild camping not far from us for maybe 6 months,down by the sea,in the woods,very nice place,they kept it clean and tidy and had a lovely summer,no problem,

ps,had to put this in,made me smile at how some people can be so silly and small

“Towels are even hung out of their windows and it is a real eyesore."
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Jul 10, 2008
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Selfish, yes - there is a tendency in all of us to become more self centred the older we get, but he still isn't breaking any laws. What happens after all the tabloid publicity remains to be seen.
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