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  • Just looked at your info, a bit spooky I think!

    German A Class tag axle - match
    Honda Sh300 - match
    Sold our business after 28 years - match
    Always had motorbikes - matchi
    Semi retired - match
    Interest skiing - match

    We love skiing from our van, do you take yours can you recommend anywhere. We keep going back to Corvara Italy, also tried La Plagne and Morzine, like to ski in/out no bus.
    We've done all those plus Val Thorens excellent for access to slopes plus Grand Bonard.
    Off on Monday on my S1000XR to Austria Motogp then week doing alpine passes then Czech Republic Motogp the following weekend. Gotta be home by the Wednesday as wife and I leave for Italy in the van on the Friday, back home October.
    Enjoy your SH hoping to ride ours to Tuvulia when in Italy visit the Rossi club n cafe.
    Having read your posts I have just bought an SH300 to replace the PES125. Pick it up next Tuesday, 2 months old 400 mile ex demo in Red.

    Hope it's as good as you say (have read many rider reviews and they all say it a great scooter).
    Hope you like it very very pleased with ours already ridden up the Picos and it'll be in Italy next month.
    Good morning
    I notice you have a pure sine wave inverter purchased off eBay. This comes with German type sockets. Could you please tell me how you overcome this problem to use UK plugs. I want mine to mainly run a 800w fitted microwave/charge e-bikes when not on EHP. I have 3 X 110ah leisure batteries.
    Kindest Regards
    Thats exact what I do with mine plus a hairdryer I have 3 x 125 traction batteries.
    Mine has a uk plug but I would think its no trouble to fit an adapter .
    Regards Rory (forestboy)
    Hi, Am a newbie to all of this motorhomey thing but caught your reply to the motorbike question. We are hoping to disappear in to the sunset with a MH but I must take a bike with me. Have been looking at ones with garages but its the size / weight that's the problem. What Hymer do you have that can take a bike, which funnily enough is the bike we are going to get, the Versys, having sold my Pan. Many thanks. Kevin
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