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  • Thank you for your like on coronavirus mask thread - much appreciated. How are we going to wake all these sleepers up?!?!?!?
    Just spoke to a carer with hospital connections - she was a believer to start with - not now - test can't distinguish between a cold, flu or covid but are all put down as covid. Same with hospital admissions and deaths.....
    Hey Barclaybasher. Thanks for responding to my post about using veg oil for fuel. We're making a TV series fronted by Martin Lewis called Britain's Super Savers. Would you be up for having a chat over the phone? I'd like to hear a bit more about your veggie oil camper and tell you about the programme. My phone number is 0207 157 4643. Thanks! Owen
    Am on board Bilbao to Portsmouth ferry at the mo.
    Back home tomorrow pm, will call you then.
    Look forward to speaking with you. I'm going to be in a meeting from 4pm - 5pm today but will be at the phone 5pm - 6pm
    I'll be in Devon with Brian this week. 07817753703 leave me a message as I don't answer unfamiliar numbers
    After seeing you arrive at Chester a little late I had intended to knock and introduce myself. I was a little disappointed to see you just driving off on Monday as I was leaving the loo, catch up with you sometime.
    Take care,
    Hi Vic

    Due to the size of these messages I had to leave out that we would like advice on the flue requirements and costs plus do you know of any qualified installers in North Norfolk

    many thanks

    Good morning Vic

    We are in the middle of buying a bungalow in Cromer and wanted to put a wood burner in the front room as a focal point and have seen your post with the Contura wood burner in which looks just what we are after.

    So could you please send me the details and spec of this burner and most importantly the dimensions.

    Kind regards

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    May be you are unaware of the government's intention to restrict these things in certain places at leaest
    Did Barclay's double your mortgage debt then deny it ??? It's not clear from your Facebook page!!!
    I asked for a statement for a bank account that should have had a zero balance. I received the statement...... showing an overdrawn balance of £99,000 with interest still being added. Barclays said that it was a 'mistake'........ one of many
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