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  • Hi Bill! I found a post you wrote in July 2014 about a garden box to fix on a bike rack on the rear of your motorhome. Well, thanks to you, I’ve just done it & it’s perfect..... £40 from Argos!!!!! You’re right.... the price of Fiamma hinge.... just the job!
    Hi Bill, I'm still down for the 22nd January, do you want me to buy a Funster Flag to bring along.

    I'm in the Uk now until Xmas, so I can get one on order.

    bill just saw this post and thought this is probably your problem with the water going cold
    Even Propane stops gassing as in Spain we had a twin bottle set up on a 14kw water heater, it would only cope with that offtake for about 5 minutes before the bottles were iced up and water temperature fell !
    Thx Steve,I've solved it,boiler was cutting out,temp on the boiler needs to be lower,looking at the boiler it's to small for the HSE,but np it'll be to hit soon for hot water,
    Afternoon Bill, contact details as promised.
    Brendan McErlean, 37 Doonview Gardens, Ayr, KA7 4HZ. My phone no is 07811 432228.
    I'll be setting off for Peterborough on the weekend of 09/10 April, so if you need anything delivered then so long as it's with me before that it won't be a problem.
    Enjoy Newark, and I'll see you at Peterborough.
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