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  1. harryoxford2


    Sep 14, 2010
    Bishops Stortford Herts
    Thank you for the welcome Jim,
    Ive been sat outside the forum itching to contribute and every day I looked to see I couldnt yet post.
    Its a bit like problem solving on a motorhome...eventually the penny dropped...I wonder if im meant to do something...maybe there is something in my mailbox.

    Eureka..there it was..a small blue line of text that said.."click here you dummy"

    (Ok ok it didnt say that but when I saw it I felt like a dummy)

    So I clicked and 1 second later Jim said hi and 3 seconds later I started typing.

    For anyone who eva communicates wid me, dont assume my purfect speelin and grandmar indicates intelligence.... explain slowly and assume I know nothing....I promise I will soak up advice like a sponge and be eternally grateful to those who help me out and I will do my best to reciprocate.

    My rig is a BT Cruiser (gulfstream on a ford chas..chessy...choas..grrr FRAME) its been laid up for 4 yrs. Im 14 days into RVing

    3 days looking for a user manual on the net revealed nothing, the pile of papers that came along with it are for individual items but not specific to the individual usage of the item..but still helpful.
    The user manual for the base vehicle is 4 inches thick but frankly could apply to an argos delivery wagon rather than the setting it is in.

    The user manual supplied for the vehicle is fantastic...3 lines of text...
    "Welcome to your new RV.

    Any information you need is on the internet and as it will take you months to find it we have provided you with sofa, diner with table for your computer, a genny to power your laptop, shower facilities for when you start to humm, a loo for u know what, a fridge/freezer bigger than the one in your home kitchen, and an american microwave similar to the ones we use on the space shuttle.

    Remember this is a sofisticated piece of machinery far beyond your own life experiences and knowledge and quiet frankly ours too which is why there is no manual with pics and diagrams...have fun and tell us how you solve any problems."

    (Are you starting to think I may be prone to slight embelishment?)

    So very carefully I explored my machine...black tap??? grey tap???...oh well just pull and find out what happens.....oooooo nice cooling water cascading up my arm...am I glad this rig was never ever used when I later discovered what a black tank was.

    hoy...stop splitting your sides ..Im a newbie gimme a break...so for 14 days Ive been living in the rv in my front garden on a journey of discovery. Ive almost solved everything technical, even deep cycle batteries as mine wont hold a charge..I guess the 4 year lay up did it in with the cloggy stuff round the cells...but at least it has charged which means my charging system is ok.
    The previous owner just didnt have time to use it but converted it to 12v/240/110 origional, and lpg, and soo many alarms and trackers.

    My problems are
    which battery? ok Ive seen hundreds and read their specs,but have you guys solved which is the best.
    which tv? reseached hundreds to fit into the space left by customs who cut out the tvs supplied and the 5.1 surround sound decoder (import duty I guess and incompatable formats)
    Do I go 12 v tv so I can use it during wild camp, Ive got a freesat which is 12v/240v for that very reason. But 12v tvs are not very big.
    sat dish? is there a way to use the mechanical arm that raises the american tv mast already fitted?
    Any help on these problems would be good.
    Lastly sat navs that are programable for height weight etc have you guys concluded which is the best please?

    So all in all this is the biggest and best toy I ever had and Im totally enjoying this new period in the autumn my life. Im thrilled to have found this site and like minded people.

    Hello to everyone

    (dont assume my purfect speelin and grandmar indicates intelligence....)
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  2. Taran_Las

    Taran_Las Funster

    Mar 26, 2009
    Yr Wyddgrug

    Good luck with your new toy.

  3. Toffs-G

    Toffs-G Funster

    Sep 16, 2009
    West Sussex
    Hi Harry and welcome:thumb:

    I have found the Ventura S7000 Sat nav extremely good, can set your weights and dimensions, comes preloaded wth 8000 or so ACSI campsites the search feature we used to good effect recently in Germany. It also has a built in Digital TV for those hours when the Eurotunnel can't get it together during peak times and you're waiting and waiting:Doh:

    As for TV I have a 12v Avtex whcih is great but not sure if it is too small for your needs but I am sure someone else will be along with more ideas.
    \Have fun:thumb:
  4. motor roamin

    motor roamin Funster

    May 23, 2010
    Hi Harry and welcome to Fun :welcomefunster: More to the point welcome to the fun world of American RV's and total lack of information.

    Feel free to PM me any time, as I know what a learning curve it is, I have owned and been around American Vehicles since the late 60's I don't profess to know it all but I might know a man whow doe's.

    Batteries I find Multicell to be a very helpfull company and I can get good discounts being ex trade.

    Sat Nav like Gary, I use the Snooper Ventura S7000 I can highly recommend the supplier I got mine from, because I had four problem ones which were changed promptly with no hassle, I know lots of people with S7000 and I am the only one who has had any issues.........typical.

    I have 240V tv and run them through the inverter, Camos in motion satalite dome, and as some one told me (and he was right) you will keep buying goodys that you NEED that is think you need we all have garages full of those:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    Good luck you will have many a happy hour on the drive I am sure.

    All the best Rick.
  5. chatter


    Aug 3, 2009
    best batteries is a hard one,
    if you have the dosh get golf cart batteries (proper deep discharge batteries) - ok they are 6v but buy 2 and wired up correctly they give you 12v and more amp hours than 2 ordinary leisure batteries room for 4 even better, have known these batteries to lastsome folk 10yrs+ with solar panels to maintain them so could be worth the outlay.
    While you are deciding ordinary leisure batteries do the job fine and are cheaper.
    How big a tv is it you are wanting 12v tvs have come on a bit from the origional 6"screen, mine is a 15" 12v/240 one.
  6. Johns_Cross_Motorhomes

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    Jan 5, 2008
    East Sussex 01-580-881288
  7. Dodgey

    Dodgey Funster

    Oct 15, 2007
    Five Roads Alyth
    Subscribe YES, between you and shiftzz we would be entertained for life:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    Manuals, we've got 'em for Winne and they're great, don't need 'em mind, RVs are built for Yanks so simple, well, once you've got the basics.

    Loved the black/grey what do they do story, PLEASE get a macerator and try it:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    Sorry, :Blush: It's Friday and I feel in one of those moods that require prompt 17:00 medication.....

    TVs, Comet, Currys whatever, look up thier bums and se what you can fine that is actually 12 volt of a brick (240-12 volt convertor) is my personal advise, use an amperor voltage stabaliser (ebay to start/for ease), some don't bother some, like me do:thumb: In theory you shouldn't need but for £35 ish a bit of piece of mind.

    We've got a Kenmark (recommended on here) 12 volt (sold as 240 but with brick which is stil in it's wrapper) 19", Freeview, DVD, SCART for sat box and it's great and a lot cheaper the Avatex type TV's.

    PS, welcome along, you certainly sound like you'll fit in just fine round these parts:thumb:
  8. Dalek


    Apr 26, 2010
    Hi Harry and welcome to the Funster World, long may you enjoy us

  9. Carol

    Carol Funster Life Member

    Oct 2, 2007
    North Wales.
    Hello Harry, and welcome to fun :welcomefunster: like the other posters say when your trial period is up please cough up the £12 and join us so you can

    keep us up to date with your progress, really look forward to following your

    adventures you may even make it to one of our meets sounds as if you will

    fit in fine.
  10. harryoxford2


    Sep 14, 2010
    Bishops Stortford Herts
    Welcome Harry....oh...its my thread..doh

    What a welcome......HIYA EVERYONE.

    I really didnt expect such a warm welcome, can I just say thank you so much to everyone who has replied and indeed, will do I can see, in the future.
    I already feel alot more confident and safe and sound knowing you are all out there.
    Many thanks to those who threw back ideas at me as you have sparked off renewed energy to look at things from a different angle. The sat nav sounds good as does the comment about ordinary tvs but look at what voltage the converter brick steps them down to.
    Already Ive found from Maplins protector thingys for surges (I only evea experienced a surge in a football crowd so its new to me) and those maplin guys have switches for 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 volts for laptops tvs etc. So I can look at not just 12v tvs from currys but higher voltage as they all fit in the same cigar lighter.

    The comment about (and I apologise for not mentioning peoples names who supplied info to me but believe me Im not leaving this little box im typin in to go look for peoples names much as I want to as Ill never find this box again..or if I do knowing my luck it will be blank:) :RollEyes: oo smiley face icon...where was I
    The comment about golf cart batteries...Ive seen that before in a forum using 2x 6v...thats interesting...im giving that alot of thought thank you as it had slipped my mind.

    I estimate Ive spent 72 solid hours researching everything on the net trying to even find out what some of the switches are in this vehicle.Also answers to the problems I mentioned.

    If I had bought a typical what I call english type motorhome there would be a whole page with pictures and diagrams zooming me down to the switch and what the switch does and how to maintain it and a picture of a short skirted woman pressing the switch, and what product to use cleaning the switch and a supplier for replacing the switch and a link to a club whose members all regularly press the switch because they love the switch and in the manual the switch would be refered to dozens of times. Cross reference headings such as..
    Swiches...looking at
    Switches... cleaning
    and in the indexalso
    Cleaning...switches etc...
    In my RV instructions for instance it says,
    Winterizing....use a good winterizing fluid and with the hot water heater use the "By-Pass-Valve".............


    9 hrs later on the net...still not a clue how to do it.

    So my cunning plan is to do sneaky thing....Im gonna do my best to go to a meet where all you lovely people are and when I get you all drunk Ill start firng questions like....my by pass valve seems stuck which way do I turn it??? and then Im gonna follow you all and see which locker you open and see where you start turning something.....then I will know what one is...ha ha..cunning plan.::bigsmile:

    Also when people show me their rigs Im going to observe things like..are the sidewalls of your tyres decorated with a crazy paving pattern like mine are on the sidewalls? and when is it so bad they need to be replaced...seem a shame and there must be 6 inches of tread left on them...still no doubt they are only 30 quid to replace at quicj fit....anyone know of an open air quick fit so my roof doesnt hit theirs?

    Last but not least..subscribe?..Didnt realise I had to but yes I will...I found an american site on my first day of owning the rv and they layout is identical to this..I mean totally...they are a friendly bunch too.

    So again..to all who have replied and thoise who do in the future thanks so much.
    I am looking seriously at the Meet of meets thingy. I was trying to get to Lincoln but doubt now I will make it due to the battery situation.

    My overall plan is to drive through europe for a year.

    Someone said in their sign off comment....about life being a book and those who dont travel are stuck on the same page....or something like that...I so so agree.

    regards Harry
  11. ShiftZZ

    ShiftZZ Funster Life Member

    Feb 19, 2008

    Hello Harry, welcome to FUN, dont worry about what old Dodgey said...

    ShiftZZ, I know nothing about RV's or electrical stuff
  12. Wildman


    May 30, 2008
    Ilfracombe, Devon
    Hi and welcome to the fun, the answers are all here you just have to find them, hee hee. enjoy looking, the trip is half the fun I am told. Now where is my dump valve, had the van 4 years it must need something doing to it.:ROFLMAO: Ah ok its already open, no problem then.
  13. DESCO


    Mar 11, 2009
    HI and Welcome Harry :welcomefunster:

    From reading your posts you will sure fit in fine, with this bunch as we all love stories, serials even better.

    Best of luck finding your way about.

    Dave :thumb::thumb:
  14. Ralph-n-Bev

    Ralph-n-Bev Funster

    Nov 30, 2009
    Wrenthorpe, Wakefield.
    I missed your entrance Harry. :Doh:
    Welcome to MHF I'm sure with your sense of humour you will fit right in , cheering up a dull and miserable day with your ramblings:ROFLMAO:
  15. staging lady

    staging lady

    Nov 12, 2007
    North Wales in the Hills
    Hi and welcome. Sorry don't have an RV but enjoy learning about it.
  16. Snowbird

    Snowbird Funster Life Member

    Apr 24, 2009
    Hi Harry,you sound like my kind of RVer,welcome aboard,and good luck with your RV am sure it will be the best toy you ever bought,even if the most frustrating,its an illness you know!!!!:thumb:

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