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Oct 2, 2007
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September 14
North Wales.
Hymer 584

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Funster, from North Wales.

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Feb 18, 2018 at 10:47 PM
    1. rahala
      Hi Carol from John Rahala, re Hello from sunny N Wales. Where do you spring from? we are in Gresford near Wrexham. Where one of the seven wonders of Wales are, the bells of Gresford church. Hope to meet up one day on the road.
      1. Carol
        Hi John, your just up the road from us, we are in Hawarden , try to get to one of Fun meets they are really friendly, it's a great forum, though you seem to have done a fair amount of travelling , we have done a fair bit in our 584 we have been to Morocco a couple of times, Greece, Italy, it's a great way of life.
        Regards Carol.
        Aug 23, 2017
    2. Keelie
      Hi Carol, I have booked for the Chester Rally and wanted to let you know that this is my first rally. I am also a new motorhome owner, so just trying to get to know you all. I'm not sure that my booking will be in the Fun section, but I did mention it when I booked. Anyway, hope to meet you and join in some of the activities planned if possible. Anne
      1. Carol
        Thank you for letting me know, we are having a get together for new members and @Cal54 is arranging it, also if you are solo a lot of them are having a little get together so I can let you know about that, it may be later as I am going out now. Welcome x
        Jan 26, 2017
        Keelie likes this.
      2. Cal54
        Hi @Keelie glad you are coming to Chester. We will be having a little get together for solos and anyone who is rallying for the first time. This will probably be Friday around 3pm but will confirm the details by way of a handout when you arrive. Look forward to meeting you.
        @Carol - hope this is ok with you.
        Jan 26, 2017
        Carol and Keelie like this.
    3. TrebleH
      Hi Carol n Ed, hope all is well. Don't know if you have seen it but irnbru is looking at 4 meets in Scotland for next year and I thought you might be interested, we are considering it, Stirling, Wick, Orkney + 1, June - July. Howard n Hazel
    4. Joseph Lawlor
      Joseph Lawlor
      For anyone thinking of visiting South Germany I highly recommend Kirchzarten near Freiburg. Excellent cycle paths and scenery. J&M from Limerick.
    5. charsu
      Hi Carol & Eddie we met you at Shell Island & have now joined the club ...hope Eddie got his bike rack sorted ...hopefully see you on the road ...Su Charlie &'Dexter
    6. Tom A
      Tom A
      Hi Carol.
      I've found out today I've got Easter Sunday and Monday off work and fancy the Chester rally.
      I understand it's full but I've emailed organisers and they have said they can fit me in Fun section.
      Is this ok ? I don't want to step on anyone's toes if they've been trying to get in for a while.
      Will you let me know asap so I can confirm with organisers.
      Cheers Tom.
      1. Tom A
        Tom A
        Hi Carol. Just spoke to Andy and he said it's ok.
        Mar 16, 2016
    7. Millie 'n us
      Millie 'n us
      Sorry to dump this on you Carol but see you are going to Chester. We have signed up and paid but don't have anything to show when we get there. Should we have?
      Can't find where to write anything on actual rally site. We are very new and are t used to the site yet.
    8. middle east driver
      middle east driver
      hi carol and eddy how are you bothhope you had a great christmas and new year what planes you got for 2016 mervyn
    9. Chis
      Hi carol / Eddie thanks for your message we paid joining fee last week and only just finding out how to Use this site we are not the best with computers .
    10. Portland
      Hi Carol/Eddie, lovely to talk to you both at Chester and to meet your daughter. Thanks for the cake .
    11. triclops
      Carol - the official list for the pre Xmas Southport rally has been started
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    September 14
    North Wales.
    Hymer 584
    MH Type:
    A class
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    14 years s Motorhome (33years caravans)
    Married to Eddie, we love travelling in the motorhome, one year we do Europe the next UK.



    Join Motorhome Fun for our Easter 2018 Rally at Chester Race Course for the Food and Drink Festival and much more. See under Scheduled Rallies and Rally Chat.

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