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Jan 17, 2021
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Okay so I have a PSU2007/EC200 charging unit and a EC238 Sargent Control Panel (2017) which I reconfigured to an EC200M on Sargent’s advice.
My Control Panel died once before when my vehicle battery went flat. Fortunately when I recharged my vehicle battery and took it for a run the Control Panel started working again.
My leisure batteries are always in good shape so I’m unsure why my Control Panel takes a turn for a worse when my vehicle battery takes its inevitable dip? This time I saw my Control Panel flicker on/off/on/off as I was checking the battery levels on it, then it died. After fully charging all batteries, I tried the voltmeter across the M10 capacitor (using the panel’s bolt for negative earth) and then the M11 one and got no reading. No power to the Control Panel possibly? I disconnected the multi pin (block cabled) connector running to the Control Panel, but no joy on reconnection 5 mins or so later.
A technician suggested it might be the PSU itself that needs replacing not the Control Panel. But the PSU appears to be working in that my Dual Solar Controller is functioning, and it lights up and chunners away on hook up? The PSU has a list of fuses but none of these relate to the Control Panel?
When the ignition starts it’s my understanding that the Control Panel and habitation electrics are closed down. Is it possible when the vehicle battery is drained the Control Panel is invoking a close down, but then not reversing this?
I don’t know what to do. Is the Control Panel faulty or the PSU? But then again, why was everything fine when the vehicle battery was fullycharged? Losing charge in the vehicle battery is not uncommon from what I’ve read.
We’re new to Motorhoming (last year). I seem to spend more time on the Motorhome Forum and associated Web searching than I do Stardreaming ! Does it ever get fun? Our Peugeot Boxer Autocruise Stardream is from 2006. Any help would be much appreciated.
Apr 7, 2018
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That's very much my problem, discharging cab battery killed the main monitoring panel. But once engine running, the alternator seems to bring the panel back to life. Though once off, on just EHU the cab battery reading seems to drop rapidly. Leaving g me wonduring if it's a panel fault or a control monitoring issue. I think the electrics are the biggest challenge with motorhoming. It's never simple and always takes time & money to fix. Good luck and please post the solution... =",'=

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