Crossing Austria without vignette 3500+

We needed to cross north to south and I really didn't want to spend any money meaning no go box and no main roads.

We left from a free site at Augsburg 2 hours motorway travel to Salzburg.
As we entered Austria on a motorway the concerns were growing.
Then we saw absolutely massive vignette signs. Unmissable. This was where to buy them from.
I was hoping my research was good and carried on but I took the first exit available. I believe this is allowed but will find out in the post if not.
It was then down to the tomtom. Set for no tolls she immediately took us on a single track through housing. Couple of miles of that and then 30kph 2 sided road then maybe 10 miles and really good but slow roads with gorges and valleys. An enjoyable drive. We have no idea how she bypassed us from Salzburg but we did use the 99 and 95 roads to Klagenfurt.

Would I do it again ? Yes.

Not many photos and just settling in to a campsite but out motorbiking the area tomorrow with our Carinthia/karten card



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