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Already done a journal entry for this so a copy and paste Gruissan and the wind defeated us. The van was rocking all night for the wrong reasons. Ventusky indicated tomorrow just as bad, BBC said fresh breeze (my a$$) So inland was the order of the day with research done on previous visitors...
Again didnt create a thread so photos straight onto here Last part of this disused railway line from grolejac to Sarlat. Stunning cuttings that were like cycling through a rainforest. Moved on to Beaulieu Sur Dordogne and what a little cracker for our 32nd anniversary...
I didnt create a thread for this one so copy and paste from photo of the day Another disused railway line day from the free Aire at Saint caprice de lalinde into bergerac about 19 Kms each way more undulating than flat but 13 of those Kms right next to la Dordogne but very limited dipping... I m going to add the photos here on this one as I didnt enlarge them on the original thread but read the original thread. Not quite as good as some of the others but the photos are good

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Intending to travel from around l'Orient down to as far as Ile de Re leaving on the overnight ferry from Newhaven on the night of 27th August. In my signature you will find a couple of journals from this year, Bavaria and Languedoc, and some previous places I have added retrospectively under...
Latest entry: That's all folks.,
A collection of noteworthy previous stopovers and/or places we have visited worthy of consideration within France.
Latest entry: Vesoul,
Having done a few journals and one "live" one and listened to the feedback that it is more preferential for most to enjoy a thread with interaction rather than page clicking, I am going to try the Thrournal, a thread and journal and better sounding than a Jouread which might make me sound a bit...
Latest entry: That's all folks,
These are the places we have been to previously in Germany with information taken from previously posted material by ourselves.
Latest entry: Glossglockner High Alpine Road,
We havent done a lot of Italy and I am unsure of how many photos we took but created for when we return. We had a friend there and left our van at her place while I flew back for a couple of weeks work
Latest entry: Sundial village near Venice Aiello del Friuli,
I have already posted about these and created a journal, but the journal was created incorrectly and the map part of things didnt work so Jim destroyed them at my request and am slowly but surely adding them up. Apologies if you have seen them before. Belgium not as boring as one has always...
Latest entry: Bilzen,
Having done a journal "Languedoc 28 days" It felt inappropriate to put Sully sur la Loire into it. We have about a week left so have created this one for here and we will be between Paris and Dieppe somewhere for next week. Photos guaranteed, cycling highly likely and highly likely on a voie...
Latest entry: Lac de Caniel @ Cany- Barville (cracker),
I have tried the journals a couple of times with retrospective training so thought I would give it a live go with our 28 day trip to the Languedoc which if youre the first one to read this, starts tonight. But first I have to finish this night shift and then come in tonight before setting off...
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