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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by treeman, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. treeman

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    Nov 22, 2011
    Planning a trip skiing this winter, started a nother thread on how to prepare the MH but was looking for some advice on which resort to head for. Looking to go for about 2 weeks late January, maybe 2 resorts probably in the French Alps. Been skiing many times to about 30 different resorts so want something challenging but suitable for me and my van (going solo). Don't want it too quiet but not up for the hectic mini-Britain resorts either. Speak good French and happy to adventure. Van is a tad old but reliable so far (kiss of death) and don't mind a challenge (been skiing to Tignes on my motorbike a few years ago so this should be easier - hopefully)!
    Been doing as much research as time allows so far and found motorhomeski.com and the like very helpful. Just ordered "All the Aires" so will peruse that when it arrives.
    Any recommendations?
  2. haganap

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    Dec 5, 2007
    Hi Treeman
    Lots will depend on how far you want to be away from the slopes. You are lucky in that you can go in January so no worrying about fighting for aire space.

    I would thoroughly reccommend Le Saises...great for a Motrohome, proper ski in ski out (used to land on the roof of our van then climb down :winky:) There is also a site there if you fancy a bit of safety with electric hook up. It is very very French with little English spoken and no hectic after piste activity. Its a purely beautiful resort and one of the best looking I have visited. I have an array of piccies of the place.

    The only negative I would say is that it is a medium size resort and although the skiing is good and reasonably ample, you may find it does not offer the challenge or array of somewhere like the 3 valleys which I am truly in love with.

    Just booked My ferry Yesterday and we are off to Les Menuires or Val T or Montgenevre or even Le Saieses now I have mentioned it for 2 weeks in Feb--- Cant Wait!!!!

    Another pretty little resort with limited skiing but a great campsite has to be Pralognan....
    I just wish we could go for longer, :cry:
  3. 1948

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    Dec 3, 2009
    hi there
    depending what you want as a challange, but if you are into off piste away from the crowd, I would recommend La Plagne, especially if you speak French as if you do you will be accepted readily
    A resort of easy standard on piste, but excellent off piste, The world renown Bellcote glasier, Skiing down the North face is with a guide is alway a challenge whether it is your 1st time or the 100time,
    The cheapest price in the alps for a day with mountain guide and experience only skiier can never forget.
    Then I would also recommend the 3valleys, the three corridors that you can see on the lift up from chourchvel 1600 is easily accessable and will take your breath away and you can admire your own track just one of the many places you can get a kick
    if you like steep and mogelly, then any black runs in most decent resorts will provide that.
    Could gp on and on but you get bored
    Have fun

    ps there is a fun meet at 3 valley in Jan do come It is within your schedule period.
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    Forest of Dean
    Ha Ha someone else who loves La Plagne. One of my favourite ski resorts, I must have skied there 20 times and love it. It has skiing for all abilities from beginner to expert plus a decent little town and reasonable prices for a ski resort & the Lincoln Bar for Guiness::bigsmile:
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    Apr 19, 2008
    Kent coast
    Free aire at montalbert just below La plange ski down to lift,then up to access ski area. pubs and food available
    la gets, good, but car park gets full and some charges at times but good for weeks ski with public toilets available.
    brides la baines by olympic ski lift to meribel good free Aire
    La Bresse if you do not want to travel far for starters but check snow report

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