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You wonder what RV makers will come up with next to satisfy RVers who want everything.

If you so desire, you can now buy an RV with two bathrooms. The old standard one-bath unit just isn't good enough for some folks, who prefer their own space or who don't like waiting while hubby peruses Popular Mechanics on the pot.

At most large American RV shows you will likely encounter an RV with an interior staircase that leads to a roof patio. This would be a
Airstream's Skydeck model includes a roof patio.
Good choice for RVers who watch frequent shuttle launches, but is probably more widely used at NASCAR races where the rooftop cooler would be handy for quick access to Bud..

Slide outs are the really big thing. If you don't have a slide out on your RV, then you are pretty much "stone age." At first, RVs came with one slide. Push a button and the living room expanded. Then there were two-slide models: instead of a boring double bed, you could have a queen bed and thereby put an extra six inches between you and that snoring creature at your side! Then there were three slides, then four and then five. Somewhere along the line, a highly-caffeinated RV assembly guy said, "How about we just build one giant slide the whole length of the RV instead of wasting time cutting out holes for lots of itty bitty ones?" Dah! Nowadays, it's not hard to find such "full-slide" models, but not on cheap RVs, just on fancy ones favored by retired dentists and such.

Toyhaulers are the new fad. With these RVs, the back end is basically a big empty room. Put your ATVs, motorcycles or even your meth lab in there. Most toyhaulers are travel trailers but you find motorhome-toy haulers as well. Some RVers find the room a handy space to exile their teenagers.

Some motorhomes have a laundry chute to the basement. And, yes, many RVs these days have clothes washer-dryer combos: No need to associate with the common folk at the coin laundry. Speaking of cleaning, a few RVs have vacuum cleaner hookups throughout the rig. Just plug in a hose and suck dirt!

Old hat-kinda RV things are microwaves, built-in coffee makers, outside showers and stereos, and satellite TV and Internet dishes. Popular amenities in recent years are high definition TVs, and back-up cameras for a driver even though in most cases a rear window and side mirrors would do fine. There is something very "American" about watching a TV rather than live action.


Jul 25, 2007
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One EXTRA mentioned there worth having is the washer.. we fitted a washing machine fairly recently, this isn't a luxury especially when full timing no more than it would be in the home.. camp site washers are usually crap and expensive, it's no fun washing towels, bed linen etc. by hand. :RollEyes:

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Jul 26, 2007
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However fancy they are the still have the same black tank to empty:Sad:

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