Day 17 - The End

For some reason Reggie decided that he needed to get out of the van every two hours or so from around 1240am. It makes it very tiring for me as I have to go with him. Eventually I guess we managed some sleep.

We wanted to be away early and get an earlier train home. Neither of us like the dead zone between checking out, be it a campsite or hotel or apartment, and the flight or drive home on the last day.

We just want to get going! In the end we arrived over an hour before the last check-in time for our booked crossing. It looked quite busy and they have moved the Pet Reception! Building work where the old one was. Now on the left as you approach the check-in booths.

Reggie's new Belgian Passport was perused and his chip bipped and we were away. No waiting to check-in for the train itself. We were offered an earlier crossing. 1124am instead of 1150am! We took it.

We had a wait in the car-park and had some breakfast. A few pee breaks for Reggie... Once we were called there was a little wait for French passports and customs and then again at the UK controls. Once in the lane for the train we had about 20 minutes sitting in the sun. Yes folks! Today was hot and sunny when dull and overcast would have been better.

Then we were off. We were near the front of the single/tall vehicle carriages and away only a couple of minutes late! I had a lie down on the lounge seat and missed the entire boring crossing.

Photos? Only two...... Both from the front looking out!




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