New Thetford N3150 Audible Warning Beep on 12V

Discussion in 'Fridges & Ovens' started by csx355, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. csx355

    csx355 Funster

    Mar 24, 2017
    Hi all - Our new motorhome has a 3way Thetford N3150 fridge fitted, which when the Auto power selection is made works perfectly on gas or mains hookup (automatically selecting the power source). However when driving all we get is a regular 3 beep warning and we have noticed that the fridge cools significantly leading me to thing that the 12v selection does not function. I can find no reference anywhere to the audible warning. I will try Thetford on Monday but has anyone else experienced this?
  2. Reallyretired

    Reallyretired Funster

    Apr 27, 2008
    Eastbourne East Sussex
    On many motorhomes the fridge cools very effectively on 12v, possibly due to improved ventilation from the moving air round the works.
    My last motorhome used to bleep on starting the engine, I never did find out why but everything seemed to work OK.
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