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Discussion in 'Motorhome Insurance General Discussion' started by wiljoy, Apr 15, 2013.

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    May 23, 2008
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    It's that time of the year when I have a good laugh at the totally insane quotes I receive for my Insurance premium.
    As I have over 28 years accident free on motorhomes they say that 10 NCB is the best they can quote for so that's a start. I have been checking everywhere for prices and most appear to go through Aviva but the price difference is off the scale. It surely boils down to how greedy the brokers are with there commision. I have been with The Insurance Factory for two years and have found them very reasonable but I thought I would search elsewhere for prices.
    Most offer a good rate but we now have to factor in our sat dish, solar panels etc and wham the premium goes into orbit. Towergate came in with a mouth watering £450 and at the other end of the scale Saga were at £250. Breakdown cover was extra on many but inclusive on some. The C&CC invented a premium of £350 if I fitted an expensive tracker system but nobody else out of 12 tried requested this addition. As expected Comfort appear to be on a level with The Insurance Factory, fair and upfront with everything.
    I did try a couple of comparison sites but they just contact the brokers and you are then inundated with phone calls and false promises.
    No doubt most of you will have suffered the same yearly habit but after all these years it still fascinates me that they vary so much. The BIG thing to check is how much to change your policy details and what cover do they include for your accessories.
    My decision is now down to two, thank goodness, The Insurance Factory or Comfort.
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    Apr 27, 2008
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    I have had Comfort on my MH for many years, though I always shop around for my car insurance, thus often saving huge amounts over the renewal figure (and the possibility of collecting valuable and accurate Meerkat toys)
    Last renewal on SWMBO's car was £470, eventually insured at £120 for identical cover.:Eeek:
  3. RogeTeri


    Apr 8, 2012
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    All insurance is geared towards new business. Seldom do you see particular offers for existing customers. All things being equal you will see either a gradual or rapid rise at renewal.

    It pays to shop around as you are more likely to find better quotes. It's always good to talk with someone direct and go through a quote but don't accept it until you have repeated the quote yourself on line as often you will pick up further discount as most insurers offer more there as it's cheaper to get you to do the work rather than a call centre operative.

    The downside of this is more evident with pet and health insurance if you are with a cheap but crappy insurer and you make a claim as you may find that you get stuck with them as any existing condition is unlikely to be covered by a new insurer.

    It is worth considering protecting your motor NCB if you can as some companies will happily take your hard earned NCB downwards very quickly.

    There is no such thing as bargain insurance, you get what you pay for and cheap and cheerful can quickly become expensive and miserable if you need to claim.

    Hopefully you will never be in a position to make a claim but you should always ask yourself, if I have to make one, is this company going to look after me or just make the misery worse.

    Paying too much for a policy does not mean your going to get good service. Always check who underwrites the policy, if you have never heard of them ask why!

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