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  • The CBE Electroblock Control Panel is marked as sold. If you do an Advanced Search for CBE in Classifieds you can still see it marked as sold
    Just wondering if your silver screen would fit our dethleffs A class???? as if so we may be interested. It only has one door (passenger side) so not quite sure how it would fix? please let us know if it is still available...
    brain james micro max trailer single axle 3100 x 1780 1,190 ono tel 07974 10457 found in the MCC mag Regards Richard
    Hello Can I ask where you bought your Thermal External Screen from and what cost. Many Thanks Richard.

    I am a fair distance from you but I wonder if the Smart is still available?

    Was looking for some advice/guidance my girlfriends father has just brought a Auto Cruise Vista 1999. He was looking to replace/redo the graphics as there are bit blemished. Saw you had done one of these in the past on a previous post. Not sure if original graphics are still available or what the best option is. Any advice/guidance would be appreciated.
    Hi Wilf,

    Yes I still have the combo for sale! Although i understand from your email you're only interested in the trailer, Is that right? How quickly do you need a trailer? If you make me a sensible offer in the region of £1000 might swing a quick sale. if you want to speak to me about it give me call on 07801 199578.
    re easilifter trailer
    is it wiljoy that has one for sale as interested in this type trailer .
    Would you recommend? I see one of your previous posts where you were having problems lifting scooter. Very tempted, went up to view yesterday - nice fellow. Undecided as to go with Armitage Side Loader or EasyLift Hydra Trail.

    I had a side loader for nearly two years and it was fine. Biggest problem was reversing as it reacts very FAST. The other reason I sold it was my scooter is a 400cc Burgman weighing in at 230kgs. so loading was difficuly.s daunting. Out of the two I would go with the Easylifter as you have noproblem manouvering it and it rides very well.
    Good Luck, Wilf
    Hello again,

    I am definitely interested in one of these. I have emailed them but no one has replied - do you know if they are still trading? Did you have to order? - our holiday is in September and wondering if they need much notice.
    Would you recommend?

    Sorry just getting used to the new site layout. Mine has the two wheels but my scooter weighs a hefty 220kgs. I
    Hi Rob, Yes, I did purchase an Easylifter and it is on my photo. Have just finished a 1200 mile trip around Scotland with it.
    Hi, just wondering if you've had any joy with EasyLifter trailer? I am considering getting one - I've got a Peugeot Kissbee 100cc scooter which is fairly lightweight.
    Does yours have two wheels or just the one central one?

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