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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by jomel, Sep 3, 2009.

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    In your experience, which is the best place to buy?
    Having seen a few we like at various places and some private sales too, we had a look on ebay or evilbay and there seems to be some nice bargains to be had. But it seems to me that unless one is a knowledgeable mechanic or has some MH experience then its a suck it and see market. ( no offence intended anywhere to anyone selling).
    Im wary of ebay and yet they seem a darn sight cheaper than the dealers.
    Shame we couldnt take a couple of you with us to point out any issues.

    When buying, what would be the top ten tips to look for in a used vehicle?:Smile:
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    Personally if you are a first time buyer, or dont know a lot about the ins and outs of owning a MH, I would advise going to a reputable dealer.

    Having had caravans/motorhomes etc for over 40 years I still have a lot to learn especially with todays modern vehicles and all the gizmo`s and electronics..

    Bought a few privately and done alright but I am mechanically minded up to a point..

    Couple of dealers that are members of funsters, and seem to be spoken of highly,, give them a bell.. :thumb:
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    I look at ebay as a good place to shop, you are hardly going to bid on an expensive item like a camper without seeing it...

    usual precautions apply. have they lived there long? can they show you ID? and a council tax bill/log book/serving details etc.....

    you can get firms to inspect cars and commercial vehicles and they do a HPI check as well. they advertise on the net try a google search for vehicle inspection or commercial vehicle inspection. just ask will they inspect the commercail/chassis side of camper for you....

    as for the caravan side see if water ingress guarentees in place.....Have the yearly checks been carried out etc... if not make a damp check a condition of sale.

    So.... if the chassis/ engine is sound and camper watertight all other aspects are fixable at a cost.

    if the seller does not want an inspection/provide evidence etc.....walk away there are plenty of vans out there.

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