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  • hi Eddie, its Chris, formerly as Bolero Boy, back with a different name to avoid some 'folk' from another foum who didnt like my straighforward 'approach'....lol
    will see you (and lenny and mel) about, for sure...
    Judge Mental
    Judge Mental
    Welcome Chris! One of the few I miss from over there!lol
    Hi could you tell me website of dealer you used in germany. and do you have to pay vat in both germany and uk and then claim it back. dont know how to message but my email is suejohn52@live.co.uk if you could give me any useful information thankyou
    Hi , I wouldn't worry about the cats they will come out when the feel more settle we had the same problem with ours when he first came home . He stayed under the wardrobe for a day , hunger will bring them out .
    Good Luck
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