Oct 16, 2008
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Jan 19, 1944 (Age: 74)
Haughton, Stafford..

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Funster, Male, 74, from Haughton, Stafford..

Extra Special Life Member
    1. G-RMPS
      Hi, we’re heading back on Tuesday from Newhaven. Any chance of an overnight stay? Unfortunately we won’t arrive until 8pm or later depending on traffic.

      Thanks....Sandra and Keith
    2. Kev and Carolyn
      Kev and Carolyn
      Hi Old Mo. Its kev and Carolyn . We too live in Haughton. Where about are you guys?
      1. old-mo
        Hi.. We are at "Weston Croft".. last house/bungalow on the right as you come through the village from Stafford side... right alongside the 30mph derestricted sign
        Moved up from Dorset end of August and having the place revamped, so it is a right mess at the moment... builders every where
        Not sure if we have met..
        But pop in any time..
        Maurice & Judy
        Nov 17, 2017
    3. Orange-VW
      Hi Old Mo. We are travelling to the West Country on Thursday night. I have ready you are happy to accommodate funsters for a donation. Only a Vw T5 and wouldn't be there until approx 21:30. Are you able to help at all? Thanks in advance!
    4. Sailor
      Could you tell me your location as I am interested in joining the rally please
    5. Munchie
      Hi mo, not seen you post for a while. Hope you n Judy are both ok?
    6. rasrepete
      Hello Mo
      Not sure if this is how I go about things, but we are looking for a place to stay overnight this Tuesday (15th Nov) on the way to see our family in Plymouth and I believe that you have space that you allow funsters to use. We have a 7m long motorhome. Sorry if this sounds like an imposition.
    7. Bulldog Boxy
      Bulldog Boxy
      Cheers Mo see you at bagwell many thanks reg.
      1. old-mo likes this.
    8. Bulldog Boxy
      Bulldog Boxy
      Hi Mo not sure if posted correct re bagwell rally,wondering if possible to be next to neckender john no 9 EHU 7, I'm no 70 EHU 40 we can't travel together due to us having commitment until lunch time on 21st June (it's called grandchildren lol )would be much appreciated if poss. It's our first rally and can't come quick enough thanks reg & ange.
      1. old-mo
        Hi Reg........ Should not be a problem.
        Maurice. (Mo)
        May 13, 2016
    9. Melian
      Mo, If you still live at Offwell , I take mine to mooreview Motors at Strighwayhead, Wimple on the old A30, very good service,

    10. Bulldog Boxy
      Bulldog Boxy
      Hi Mo would there be any space left for bagwell farm meet. We are new to motorhome fun would be our first time. We now have a caravan and would need EHU. Our friend john (neckender) who as already book up told us about the rally at the weekend.look forward to hearing from you Many thanks reg(bulldog boxy)
    11. manda3000gt
      Hi Mo
      Is there space on the Bagwell Farm meet from the Monday 27th til the Saturday 2nd ?
      34' RV
      Dave & Mandy
    12. Brian and Jo
      Brian and Jo
      Hi mate sorry I haven't rang,but have not had a very good few days .hope you are settling well.i will call soon,regards to Judy and Paul.chat soon mate.
    13. gillnphil
      Thanks for all the effort you put in during the Bagwell rally. We enjoyed it very much. We have been away for a month and missed you when we left. Hope we meet again.
    14. Daisie
      Hi a bit confused when booking rallys.
      Bagwell Farm i clicked yes and it shows only 1 rsvp
      Dorset Fun rally i clicked yes and it shows 7 and me rsvp.
      are there different ways of booking an event
      I am still getting used to MHF site.
    15. keithccs
      Hi mate, happy belated birthday. Been keeping a low profile recently but arrived at Pinar on Sunday and said to Jeanie "I wonder if Old Mo is going to follow us in (bloody stalker).... Any way, hope you, Judy and Paul are ok?
      Take care mate...The Paperazzi
    16. phil1946
      still keen but June too far away to decide & not sure about parking on grass; if 2015 is very dry it might be OK.

      Not going to make a promise that may get broken. If sold out I could book direct with Bagwell and join frolics if allowed. Would not want to fish and have TOAD so minibus not needed.

      Whatever our decision thank you for your efforts, good luck with the event and hope to meet you down the road.

    17. Munchie
      Hey buddy, we and the soggies are arriving there tomorrow!!! Will you still be there???
      1. Stevemoto likes this.
    18. Brian and Jo
      Brian and Jo
      nice to touch bases today Mo.i enjoy a good chinwag.just enjoy the rest of your trip mate.hopefully chat again soon.best to Judy and Paul
      brian and jo
      1. old-mo likes this.
    19. Brian and Jo
      Brian and Jo
      HI MATE iforgot to ask you on the phone how are you getting on with the fiat engine,what are your thoughts on it pls.
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  • About

    Jan 19, 1944 (Age: 74)
    Haughton, Stafford..
    MH Type:
    Low profile Majestic.
    MH Exp:
    Caravan & motorhome 45 + yrs
    Camping, Fishing & DIY.
    Retired on my 40th birthday.

    Caravaning,Motorbikes,Sea Fishing.

    Group Memberships


    Official "Motorhomefun" 5CL.

    Haughton, Staffordshire.... Few miles from M6.. on the A518 Stafford - Newport Road 4 miles out of the County Town of Stafford.. So much to see and do in the area.
    Hard Standings + can take 2 RV`s - 4 Acre grass Field... No EHU`s but battery charging facility`s available. And loan of generators available. Campers Wash Room/WC.
    Even if a mate it will cost you 8.. (£8-00.) per night/unit
    Pm/Conversation for all details... (y)

    Maurice & Judy (Judith)

    2016... Low Profile, Majestic 155..

    Only got a little one now... :RollEyes: :giggler:

    I would sooner help you than hurt you... :nod: :*
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