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Oct 11, 2019
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Hi all,
I purchased a new Motorhome in 2019, had my first Water ingress test done by the retailer in February 2021 passed.
Second water ingress test in February 2022, a what was called a “minor leak” found where solar panel attached to roof. Retailer repaired by putting extra mastic over existing mastic on screw attaching L shaped bracket. Retailer assured me everything was ok.
In September last I purchased a water detector in Lidel and found a reading of 40 + on ceiling under the solar panel. No water stains visible, on further tests i noticed that the prongs were going through the roof easily. Retailer contacted the manufacturer and they are going to repair any damaged wood. Retailer informed me that it was the manufacturer that fitted the solar panel and put two extra L shaped brackets attached with screws down onto the roof, one on each side, which the retailer said should not have been done.
My concern is that if and when I sell the Motorhome and there’s a written record of a leak, which will probably cause a potential buyer not purchase or look for a reduced price. Am I entitled to compensation from the manufacturer ???
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I would never use hollow pop rivets to hold a solar panel to mountings shown as they are having a shearing force imposed on them in that situation.

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