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Discussion in 'Computers' started by slobadoberbob, Aug 25, 2012.

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    I thought I would up date on the 3g midi I purchased a while back.

    This is a locked 3 unit and I have a 12g sim.... (yes I know you can get unlocked one on ebay and they are cheaper).

    In the time I have had it... I have used it in the RV ..to date I have used it for 4 hours and 4 mins.... in that time I have used a total of 240.79 mb sending and receiving.

    the 12g sim I have is valid for use for 12 months or 12g whichever i use first.

    At Malvern I was one of few who could get on line... so it is proving it's worth.

    While I did not purchase it for use mainly in the motor home but due to an issue getting a BT line in to an office i use, it allowed me to bounce of of free wifi in the town... the line finally arrived 6 months later.. but still use the mifi as it is cheaper than signing up to a provider.. so I will use it until it runs out... but I just wanted to say it does do what it says on the tin


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