Truma UK's Service Centre, Foston, Derby. (1 Viewer)

May 21, 2008
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Cant't speak for this company but have experience of other 'service' agents for Truma. There are lots of approved Truma service agents traceable by postcode from the Truma web site. I contacted a few when my heating/water failed when marshalling at Peterborough 2018. The first recommended on their web site was the Oxford Caravan Centre but when I phoned them they informed me, in no uncertain terms, that they only deal with caravans not motorhomes and what's more only caravans they have sold. {I told Truma that this was not exactly a 'service' agent and should be pulled from their list but they weren't interested and it's still there}. The second one I arranged to go and see seemed to be a centre for derelict vans - he spent an hour looking at it then told me what I had told him when I arrived, indicating that it would take at least 2 weeks to acquire the part needed. The third one I phoned informed me that they were booked up until August (it was April at the time) but told me about a 'chap down the road' who was qualified - but was not on the list. Since we were due to go to Holland within 2 weeks I rushed to him and he was brilliant and has been doing my habitation check and anything else I needed ever since altho he's 40 miles from me - see Centraleisure. Not impressed with the Truma list of service agents at all. I see it now includes someone who serviced the heater on a previous AS van and when I subsequently went to Autosleepers they were horrified at what he had done. It was some time ago so maybe he has learnt stuff since then!

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