Truma UK's Service Centre, Foston, Derby.

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Trumatic C6002 boiler (now obsolete).

From making the initial query and appointment, right through to repairs being carried out, and driving away as a happy customer, I have to say that the service has been excellent.
The two engineers in the servicing bays certainly knew the product, and despite the Trumatic C6002 boiler being obsolete, many spares for this model are still available...................but only at the factory.

Getting Truma UK to sort out an...
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Truma Aventa comfort unit
Should really be 5 stars, but…..

The Truma aventa unit stopped working on the hottest day of the year and only blew warm air. Got on the phone to the local Truma agent who refused to even look at it “nah mate, we don’t deal with A/C“ so based on previous Alde experience phoned Truma near Derby. Took a while to get through as they were busy with staff off sick but promised to call back from the tech dept and they did. Chat over phone and got it booked in. In there at 9am and lack of gas was the issue but they can’t regas them here in UK so Offered an exchange reconditioned unit of similar age for a reasonable price and 6month guarantee. Job done. 2 weeks ago, switched on to try the heating function and a red light came on and the newly reconditioned and tested unit simply died.

Not being best pleased, I wrote to Truma and politely informed them with description of the failure. Very prompt return call and discussion over phone with it being booked in again. Arrived there today and they discussed it and showed me to their very well equipped waiting room. After a couple of hours their engineer came in and said basically that it had failed which was a disappointment to them so by way of compensation for the inconvenience and diesel used plus a bit of goodwill instead of putting in even a recent recon unit they simply slotted in a brand new one fresh out of the box, with a 3 year guarantee. Very happy with result as the outcome could have been a lot worse. Nice people to deal with and it pays to be polite to them. Free Truma large parasol appeared in a box in the van as well.

They did point out also that the original dealer installation was done by someone who apparently had little idea and the unit reinstalled was correctly done
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Dismissive and unhelpful attitude
I thought that I had a major problem with my C34300 in our 2005 build van.
Rang Truma (apparently now at Dove Valley nr Derby). A Lady answered promptly but seemed to delight in telling me "that was no longer supported and they had no spares at al" asked if anyone had any spares and the answer was "we cannot make recommendations like that"
Subsequently see my review of A&R Electronic Developments at Cannock
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Aftersales Service
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Unfortunately I can't leave a rave review.

Heating failed on a wet and cold holiday. Truma were hard to get hold of and took 2 days to return a phone call and I think they would not have done so unless the dealer pestered. They would 'get round to it when they could'

It was only about a failed room sensor. Something that could have been posted out and fitted in moments but overall the process took over 3 weeks and involved a round trip to my own dealer.

They did help the dealer resolve the matter eventually.
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