solar panel not dead bettery

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    Hi All
    Can anyone help with this problem, We have an Autotrail Arapaho on an 08 plate with a cat 1 alarm fitted which keeps killing the batteries after about 4 weeks, have just fitted new battery to vehicle and 2 leisure batteries.
    Went to check on things yesterday to find it dead as a dodo but leisure batteries full of charge.
    I want to put 100watt solar panel on roof to sort this out, Van is fitted with an EC325 psu which says in book is fitted with a built in solar regulator to work upto 100 watt panel which charges van and leisure at same time.
    This is where the fun starts, i enquired at the national this year about fitting panel on roof and was told by bod on stall that the book was wrong and i will need regulator plus this and that to get get batteries charged, are they right?. does anyone know about the Auto Trail psu.
    Anything would be a help.

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