Quiz Results for Feb 7th 2013

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  1. peter H

    peter H Funster Life Member

    Jan 18, 2008
    Neath, South Wales
    14th place with 1 point Shirlandy
    13th place with 2 points Tofo
    joint 11th place with 4 points Leftlegger and Runrig
    10th place with 5 points Sunflower
    9th place with 7 points Teddybard
    8th place with 8 points Movan
    Joint 6th place with 10 points 1man and his doblo & Wasp
    5th place with 13 points JJ
    4th place with 15 Philcot
    3rd place with 16 points mitzimad
    second place with 19 points Maz

    and our winner tonight and next weeks quiz setter, with 22 points StCyr

    The questions and answers were as follow below

    Q1 - The Draconians are the arch enemy of which 'Hero' ?
    Q2 - The "Edge of Reason" is the sub title to which best selling novel ?
    Q3 - What breed of Terrier dog was named after a character in Walter Scot's novel 'Guy Mannering' ?
    Q4 - Which football club's stadium has the largest capacity in Europe ?
    Q5 - What bird family does the Mynah bird belong to ?
    Q6 - What is the more common name for an 'Ocular Contusion' ?
    Q7 - Legend has it that Zeus was born on the highest mountain in Crete, what is it called ?
    Q8 - What six words complete the following quote from Sir Isacc Newton - - "If I have seen further it is by …………" ?
    Q9 - Everyone knows the names of the first two people to set foot on th emoon, but who was third ?
    Q10 - Which song opens with the line - "Picture yourself on a boat on a river" ?
    Q11 - What was founded in 1831 by King Louis Philippe to assist in controling the French Colonies ?
    Q12 - Sarnia was the Roman name for which Island ?
    Q13 - What is traditionally given as a 13th wedding aniversary present ?
    Q14 - What is the better known name of the Angel of Charity ?
    Q15 - In which film does Edward Fox play a character called General Dyer ?
    Q16 - How is Jennifer Susan Harvey better known in the world of Sport ?
    Q17 - Which bird of the pheasant family shares its name with a Gilbert and Sullivan opera ?
    Q18 - What is the fastest growing member of the grass family ?
    Q19 - Which is the largest of the Society Islands ?
    Q20 - Which singer in an interview once claimed to be the owner of 96 pairs of spectacles ?
    A1 - Buck Rogers
    A2 - Bridget Jones' Diary
    A3 - Dandie Dinmont
    A4 - FC Barcelona (99,354 seated)
    A5 - Starling
    A6 - Black Eye
    A7 - Mount Ida
    A8 - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants. (round the edge of some Two pound coins)
    A9 - Pete Conrad (Armstrong and Aldrin were 1 & 2)
    A10 - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
    A11 - French Foreign Legion
    A12 - Guernsey
    A13 - Lace
    A14 - Eros
    A15 - Gandhi
    A16 - Jenny Pitman
    A17 - Mikado
    A18 - Bamboo
    A19 - Tahiti
    A20 - Nana Mouskouri

    How would you have done?

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  2. teddybard


    Aug 21, 2012
    Thanks Peter
    Would have done better but no one else Knew Jen.:ROFLMAO:
  3. ericonabike


    Jan 19, 2012
    Given a following wind and decent typing speed, maybe 6th! Good Qs.

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