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    I'm fitting a PMS4 power management system, how should it be wire to incorporate vehicle charging?
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    Hi philjen

    I just had a look at a PMS4 unit and it has only one charging output of either 12A or 18A depending on model.. so you can't charge both leisure and engine battery simultaneously.

    If you want to charge both leisure and engine battery there are two solutions.

    a) fit a change over switch on the charger output to charge either battery as required .

    b) fit a battery master switch that automatically tops up the engine battery when the leisure is full ..

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    my preference is b)

    But before committing to any solution, can you provide more info about your proposed installation .. is it being fitted to a home conversion as a new installation or replacing an existing system.. ? If the later does it already have a change over switch ?

    How much experience do you have on 12v electrics, are you confident about doing this yourself ?

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  3. PhilJen

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    Hi.The PMS4 unit I'm fitting is the 12amp one .
    What I'm trying to workout is the wiring from the fuse distribution to the Plug sockets.
    There a green wire feeding power from the charger to the Fuse distribution, which has two
    non-fused black wires going to two separate pins of the + socket outlet feed.
    The two outlets of the corresponding pins of the plug are wired to one pin of (5pin) relay base.
    What I need is a typical wiring diagram for the Plugs / relay
    I have worked on 12v, 50v Dc & 240v AC electrics.
    It is being fitted to a home conversion as a new installation.
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