Portuguese motorways

Jul 5, 2013
Tunbridge Wells
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Hi what are the procedures for paying the tolls on Portuguese motorways
Depends which ones. For the newer ones that use electronic tolling you have to stop at the first layby over the border (it is well signposted) and register your reg number and credit/debit card. It is all done automatically using a camera. After that you just drive along them and your card gets charged as you pass each charging station, the charge is shown on a big billboard just before each charging station. The trouble is you can only do this if you cross the border on an electronic toll road. If you enter Portugal any other way I am not sure how you pay the electronic toll!

For the rest it is usually take a ticket at the entry toll station and pay at the exit toll station by card or cash.

I think the A13, A22, A23, A24, A25 and A28 are the electronic ones. The by pass around Braganca is also electronic.