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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Hayleylulu, Nov 27, 2009.

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    Feb 17, 2008
    Full timing in the van
    just told N T L where they can put there inter net had a fault on inter net. phoned them up they offered us a new deal so we took them up on it. was told engineer will come on friday make sure you are in as if you miss him you will have to pay £10 put he never came so i phoned them up and i asked for £10 pound as they missed me.put the came up with no appointment was made and we dont pay you £10.well in that case we will cancel the inter net then. you cant cancel as we need to speck to your wife she as to do it so i told them i will cancel direct debit they told me i can not do that your wife has to do it .told them its my bank that the money comes out of and i have told them i have already done it so as i m concerned we no longer have N T L.
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    Jul 29, 2007
    Not what you want to hear but some good advice

    I know exactly how you feel as ive been there myself with Sky

    Forget about winning the battle and concentrate on winning the War:thumb:
    This is one battle you just cant win, Ntl have an enforcable contract with you and or your wife

    What will happen is your debt to them will increase monthly untill an amount has been reached that is worth taking action over, and they will collect, either themselves or worse sell your bebt to a collection agency that will add pound after pound to your account:Eeek:

    Your credit rating will also be affected

    Win the War by giving your contracted notice,
    Be warned
    (You cant give notice to terminate while you owe them money so your debt grows while you argue the point),and thats them winning again:Doh:
    at least in the end you have the pleasure knowing they are loosing your monthly income evry single month
    Use your brain and not your heart:thumb:
  3. Bulletguy


    Feb 7, 2008
    That is not what I had experience of Geo. Infact the opposite.

    Some years back I was paying Sky subscriptions (a fools game) via a Visa account. It was deducted each month until I telephoned to cancel as the charges were increasing and I was no longer prepared to pay. However after I had cancelled, subscriptions were still being taken from my account so i contacted Visa who proved to be extremely helpful.

    First they told me I was not 'alone'......Sky has the worst reputation amongst businesses extorting money from people. Not only did they refund the two months which Sky had charged me for, they put an immediate block on the account so Sky could not take any more money from me. This of course also meant I had to create another Visa account but it was all done over the phone and took no more than 15-20mins.

    I had terminated my contract with Sky....but Sky had illegally taken subscription charges for a service I had cancelled out of.
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