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Nov 2, 2022
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Mooveo C6 2010
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As per an earlier thread, (lots of very helpful people, thank you again) my vans going on a diet.

Step one is removing the TV/Bracket/Aerial, not just because it’s heavy, but but rattles furiously.

I’m going to use that 12v circuit to distribute 12v USB’s in the van.

Now back to the original point, rather than try and cap of the Aerial hole with a blanking plate etc I though mobile Aerial. It’s not actually something I urgently need but why not.

I’ll likely buy the bits as they come available for cheap.

Most the aerials come with SMA ends.

Now most the kits come with “quick docking stations” or various backplates. I assume this are litterally pass through boxes. Converts the aerial fitting to TS9 and leaves a USB port?

Is there any reason I can’t just fit a USB socket and change the ends on the aerial?

On that note any suggestions for either a 4g or 5g stand alone router anyone would recommend?

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