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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by philipjackson, Mar 27, 2012.

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    Unfortunately my motorhome (2008 Ace Firenze) was in storage from September until March. When I started it a week ago it struggled, but it did start. It's four years old and I took it for it's 2nd MOT test and then returned it to storage. I had to move it yesterday, but when I got to it the battery was dead. It started straight away with a jump start and it was fine. I've got a feeling the battery is going to be dead again when I try to move it again.
    I have a number of questions. Is there a likelyhood that the battery is finished (4 years old and spent too long at outside storage)? I have looked at some replacements online, but the prices vary quite a lot. Can anybody recommend a particular type (Varta seem expensive but also seem a good make)? Is any type 019 battery OK? If I am leaving it for any length of time again would disconnecting the negative terminal help preserve the battery's charge? Will the vehicle battery running down have any effct on the leisure battery? Can I avoid this? Sorry about all the questions, but I want to be sure before I splash out for another battery. Thanks!
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    Its not uncommon for a vehicle battery to go flat when not in use, as the alarm and radio and any tracking device will still draw current. batteries also self discharge slowly over time. If allowed to stay deeply discharged for a long time this can kill the battery

    try taking it off and charging properly at home before writing it off

    the same goes for the leisure battery. it needs regular maintenance
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    As said worth charging the battery and then trying it but could be knackered after 4 years and being run down.
    It is best to disconnect all batteries when not in use unless you have an alarm in which case a small solar panel would be advised to keep the battery charged.
    The vehicle battery being run down should not affect the leisure battery.
    I am not sure on the current batteries available but I do think it is worth getting a good quality one, it may cost a bit more but will usually last a lot longer.


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