International roaming and Three feel at home.

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    Aug 27, 2009
    Chatting to my Ex this afternoon, she is in the US. I have chatted with her a few times over the last couple of weeks both using our "Three feel at home service" Anyway just in conversation I happened to mention how good the feel at home service was. Oh she said I had a text from Three when I arrived saying that I didn't activate international roaming before I left the UK so my feel at home would not be working........I didn't think it was important she said:whistle: I said you had better turn your data roaming off and I will give them a call.:censored:
    Anyway all is good, a nice lady in India confirmed that international roaming was activated and no additional charges have been made over the last couple of weeks.:)
    You cant be too careful.
    I phoned her back and said it is ok to turn it back on again but to use skype if she phones another US phone. (y) Ho Hum;)
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