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Jul 20, 2007
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Hi all
The time has come to start the insurance search again.
When we changed our RV our present insurer (RH Specialists) advised us that we no longer qualified for the "included on every policy" recovery service. They had not reduced the price of their policy to reflect the massive reduction in policy benefit so to me this equated to a huge policy price increase. I hate it when insurance companies slide their huge increases in under the carpet like that, and their web page still shows "Breakdown & Recovery service all policies include recovery on a European wide basis" as a benefit, Link Removed.....
I find this very misleading and I did inform them of this glaring mistake when I spoke to them back in October of 2007 (I am sure that they have not been too busy to alter it?????), anyway the upshot is that we will not be renewing with them because of this, it is such a shame as I have had dealings with RH for years, especially with their Classic Car Division.
I contacted Caravan Guard (who have a link on the Travelworld website) and they have just called me back and offered me a policy for £742.25, this is for Fully Comp, two named drivers, 4 years no claims, £1000 windscreen limit, UK and Euro breakdown cover (no size or weight issues) £3K for personal kit etc and £1K for a towed trailer. I thought this was expensive and said as much, the person then offered a discount down to £669ish and said she would send out the quote for me to review......
I am also waiting for Safeguard (who advertise on our site) to contact me with their offering and when I get it I will let you all know what it is. I did contact Sureterm Direct a while ago but they seem to be having trouble replying to my request for further information about their recovery offering, I will resurrect this inquiry soon as they have obviously "forgotten" :Eeek:
This should be easy and straightforward....................................Shouldn't it?????????????????????????



Jul 31, 2007
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Hi Keith I posted this last week might help.

Just got off the phone to Safeguard who insure my RV as its that time off year again.

Fully comp with pan european breakdown and recovery with £300 excess & £100 screen excess with no penalty on no claims for screen £580.00. Plus all the usual hotel, car, alternative travel, legal expenses and personal belongings.

While I was renewing I checked on the cover for Morroco for September. I am fully covered as per my policy for everything except breakdown recovery which is only available from the border as they are not allowed to work in Morroco.

To get the cover I just need to inform Safeguard a couple of weeks before I leave of where I'm going and when, and they will furnish me with a Green Card.

Not sure if this is what others have been told as I've heard some conflicting reports about different insurers. A couple of points she was'nt sure on so she went off and checked before she advised me.

Hope this helps
Dec 4, 2007
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Safeguards the one for me, we broke down in germany, all the Ford dealers in germany and france could not repair the 6ltr ford diesel less than 12 months old. I arranged transport home and left the RV in germany, its not as easy as it sounds because your are on a long holiday with loads of stuff in all the lockers, we dumped a freezer full of food and all the fresh stuff, then its remove all your valubles from the RV or they will walk, you also have to leave your log book so take a copy my RV was delivered back to Westcrofts it took about 2 weeks, all paid for by safeguard hate to think what it cost, dont know what would happen if you were full timing as you can,t stop with your RV health and safety and the germans love it

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