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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by ehuplad, Jun 25, 2013.

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    Just thought I would post this, we hear a lot about bad service received from dealers etc.
    Here is a good one.

    We have recently bought a motorhome from Camper uk at North Hykeham.
    I requested that a lot of jobs were completed before hand over, no discussion they immediately agreed and they were all done. when I received the vehicle 2 windows were constantly misted up, I had spotted this on first inspection but forgot to write it on the list.
    I took the vehicle back for them to inspect these, left it with them, as there where also a couple of other jobs to do. came back in a couple of hrs and was told yes sir the windows need changing we have ordered 3 as the bathroom one also needs to be done
    So a big :thumb::thumb::thumb: up to Camper uk, any work I have asked to be done has been, all under warranty with out any discussion. all this on a 10 year old van. Great service.
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    Great to see that Mike. We had exactly the same standard of good service from their Birtley branch (Camper NE) after buying our Burstner last year.
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    I posted a similar one regarding BCS Manchester located at Littleborough, great service whilst buting and after sales.
    Keith at BCS rang me yesterday, after having it for 2 weeks, just to check that everything was still ok, which was a nice thought.
    Shows that there are dealers out there that are ok.
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