Go South East to Spain??? Our winter tour.


Sep 3, 2007
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Go South East to Spain???

Well we're off for the winter again but taking a different route this year.
Yes, we're going to Spain for Christmas but heading South East from UK to get there! No we're not getting lost!! :ROFLMAO:We’re touring Italy and Sicily first.

We set off last Thursday (18th Sept) from Dover having spent the night at the C&CC site at Folkestone
– there’s a campsite entrance not for the faint-hearted!!:ROFLMAO: Nice site though.

Had a really good crossing with Sea France to Calais - blue sky, calm sea.:thumb:

On our way out of Calais and for most of the afternoon we were overtaken by a succession of Bentleys and Aston Martins all with Rally markings on – something about London to ?? Anyone know where they were going? Very smart cars!!

1st night we stayed at Le Viveur Aux Carpes at Seraucourt-le-Grand just SE of St Quentin .:thumb: This apparently is well known for it’s fishing lakes. It is a C&CC Freedom Camping site so only cost us €14.50.
However we had to pay €2 for the services ( water fill, grey water drain and CDP). Wi-fi was free but only available in the games room over the shower block.

The following morning we headed down the Autoroute again, this time we were overtaken by bangers taking part in a rally. This was the StaplestoNaples Rally – going to Naples and back in 4 days! At the Peage just north of Reims we pulled alongside a car with sponsors listed all over it! They were all from
the village next to ours!! How weird is that??:ROFLMAO:

2nd night was at an aire in Beaune, Burgundy.:thumb: This aire is included in the All The Aires in France in English Book where it says there are 6 designated camping car spots. This is true but we counted 18 vans that night! They were parked up in ordinary car parking bays and no-one seemed to be bothered about it.
It is a huge free car park for campers and coaches mainly. There is a bourne for water, electricity etc but we didn’t use it. So that was a free night.

Next night we were in Avignon at Camping Bagatelle. Old worn out site but very handy for visiting the town of Avignon. – This is an ACSI site and cost us €25.36 for 2 nights.
We arrived on Saturday afternoon and had a wander into town. Later on, about 10pm, there was a firework display on the river bank. We just wandered out of the site with our chairs and were entertained with music and fireworks for about 25 minutes!:roflmto:

The following day, Sunday, we went into town to do the tourist bits. We visited the famous bridge – free on a Sunday in winter, then we went to the Palais Des Papes, again free! We had lunch in the Palais square,unfortunately not free!! We watched a tightrope walker do her stuff outside the Palais – very impressive!:thumb:

Monday – off on the road again – heading towards Port Grimaud and St Tropez. Up till now we’ve had wall to wall blue sky and sunshine. Very warm too! So, heading south it started to cloud over until as we neared
Port Grimaud it started to rain! Apparently they haven’t had a proper day of rain since May! Hello! Guess who’s arrived!!!! ( We are known as the rain gods at our base site in Glossop!!):Blush:

We stayed at Holiday Marina in Port Grimaud – a site made up mostly of statics but with a number of touring pitches. Again it was a C&CC Freedom Camping site - we paid €45.60 for 3 nights (the minimum stay). Each pitch has it’s own bathroom with wash basin, loo and shower cubicle and shares a washing up sink and tap with it’s neighbour, you pay a €50 deposit for this. For wi-fi you pay a €50 deposit for a router and €5 a day for access to the internet. Well that’s the theory! Wi-fi worked for about 10 minutes then died! Went to office following day and left the box for them to sort out – that was Tuesday – the lady owner said she’d bring it back to our van when she’d sorted it – never saw her again!! :cry:
Went into the office again on Wednesday and the girl on reception knew nothing about it and said the boss wasn’t in – got our €50 back smartish!!
Went on the water taxi to St Tropez on Tuesday but could only stay 1 hour as the boat was being cancelled for the afternoon due to high winds being forecast! Very busy and very expensive so we were glad to only stay 1 hour! €11 each return - so quite an expensive hour!
On Wednesday we had a trip on the Land Train to Grimaud village – well worth a visit – very very old and pretty.:thumb: €6.50 each return and we think excellent value for money!:thumb:

Now it’s Thursday and we’ve moved to Italy! We’re at Pian Dei Boschi in Pietra Ligure. Another Freedom site. I’ve paid €5 for 24 hours wi-fi but it’s VERY slow!
Journey here was quite uneventful – apart from the 70 ish tunnels we went through!

So far the first week has been great - only 1 day of rain.

I'll try and do another update in a few days! I'll also try to do campsite reviews - promise!! :roflmto: Must also put some photos on too I suppose!!:ROFLMAO:

Promise to try and be a good funster! Been handing out MHFun flyers to poor unsuspecting campers!!:ROFLMAO:

Marie and Rex

A and K

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Sep 8, 2007
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Hi Marie and Rex,
We are enjoying reading your adventures, we're also taking note on the best places that you're staying on. We look forward to the next update.:Smile:


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Hi Marie & Rex

Have a great time in the winter sun. See you both upon you're return

Ian(Baldy) & Jane(Blondie)


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Aug 4, 2007
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tested by me this week

For those of you coming down to Spain for the winter Via Barcelona here are a few wild spots I stayed at this week.
Playa Trabacudor (spelling)
N 40 38 7 E 0 44 51 A very wild and open space on the beach with a 4 mile road along the beach with parking the complete length.Do not park on the side of the untared road as I saw 2 artics travelling along this stretch coming from the salt lake.
N 40 27 50 E 0 28 36 Along the side of the fishing port lots of other motorhomes there the police come round during the night but there is no problems.Fishing boats come in 4 to 4.30 in the afternoon and you can buy your fish direct off the boat.25 meters to beach and easy walk into town.
A Spanish aire by the beach and shops N 40 23 24 E 0 24 35
€8 A night inc hook up Parking Las Moreras well sign posted.


Sep 3, 2007
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South East to Spain - Part Two!

The story continues . . . . .:ROFLMAO:

We stayed in Pietra Ligure for 2 nights – as I said in my last post it’s a reedom Camping Site - €14 a night. Unfortunately we could only stay for 2 nights as it was closing on Saturday 27th September! Nice site and pretty town.

So on Saturday 27th we were off on our travels again – towards Venice. Too far to do in one hop so we found a Sosta for the night. We bought the “Guida Camper – Aree Di Sosta” book from Vicarious books when we went to the Peterborough show and it’s proving very useful. This sosta was a town car park in Monticelli d’Ongina – a small town near Cremona. No facilities but a free place for the night. Large car park with a few lorries on it – very quiet. There was a Sosta in town which had facilities but was being
used for a Civil Defence Exercise for the weekend!

Sunday we were going to do a short hop and stay at Lake Garda for the night but we made an executive decision – on the grounds that it was Sunday and the roads were quiet – and went straight to Venice.

The approach to Venice was OK and we found our way to Camping Fusina very easily. Large site with plenty of space. Found a pitch by the side of the lagoon overlooking Venice. Seemed nice and quiet and the girl on reception had said we would be better off there as it gets quite noisy by the bar etc at night!!
Well – yes it was noisy by the bar as the site was full of Aussie youngsters “doing” Europe” BUT!! we had container ships and car ferries going past our van late at night and early morning – only about 50 yards from the van!! Still – on balance – better than the drunken screaming Aussies!!! So for 3 days we
walked all over Venice – WOW! Words fail me – it’s fantastic – I really can’t describe it – you’ve just got to experience it yourself! We love Paris and Barcelona and this is on a par with them – but different! We did the Gondola trip – you’ve got to haven’t you?? It was a rip off but the only rip off of the trip!
Rex enjoyed it immensely but as I don’t do boats and things so close to water I wasn’t too happy!!! It rocked about a bit too much for me!

It cost us €30 a night at Fusina but it’s an excellent campsite – apart from the Wi-Fi not working!!! Excellent washing machines and dryers! (I get excited about these things!!)

On Thursday we left and headed off down the Adriatic Coast but sticking to the motorways. The Italian roads are very poor and it’s really best to stay on the motorways! Pretty boring and busy drive on Thursday and we ended up in a Sosta in Senigallia. This was a car park dedicated to motorhomes on the main road. A few Italians and 1 German van there when we arrived. A bit noisy
due to the traffic and the nearby railway line but quiet overnight. Also a Lidl supermarket within an easy walk!

Friday we set off again and ended up in a “sort of campsite” in San Salvo Marina. There should be a Sosta there but no evidence when we arrived. Then we found a Camperpark which charged us €15 for the night without hook up – it would have been another €5 for that. It was secure – locked overnight and very quiet. Toilets and sink with cold water included – showers and CDP were extra.

Saturday we were off further down the Adriatic – fairly quiet road – ended up in Camping Atlantide south of Monopoli – pity they wouldn’t let us use onopoly money! We had to use the real stuff!! Nice site – about 6 vans on – all Italian or Swiss. €18 for the night with hot showers etc etc – Could use computer in Reception to access Internet - €2 for 1 hour. Couldn’t use own laptop as they just had mobile phone modem. Very reasonable though and very friendly.

Sunday we headed south – through Taranto – must be the verucca on the heel of Italy! Eventually ended up in a shopping centre car park where we found a huge Auchan supermarket – 1st decent supermarket since France!! I got very excited!!
When we came out with our shopping there was a Brit Reg M/H on one side of us and a Brit Reg Car and Caravan on the other! Strange, we thought, as we hadn’t seen any Brits since Venice. A lady came talking to us – she was
from the car and caravan - they belonged to a club called ICA – International Caravanning Association – and they were on a tour of Southern Italy. This is an Anglo / Dutch club and it has lots of tours throughout the year. She told us they were all ( 25ish vans) booked on a site close by called Camping Onda Azzurra. We decided to try there for the night and were delighted to find a nice site on a beach. We had plenty of entertainment for the next few hours watching the various members arrive and try to negotiate the trees on the roads and pitches!!

Onda Azzurra is a big site which was full of German long stay vans. They don’t do ACSI or Freedom but it was reasonable at €12 a night. The downside was the insect population! Man-eating Mozzies! The second morning we were there I counted 16 new bites! We left!!

We had a bit of a fraught afternoon trying to find a Sosta at San Ferdinando as featured in Camperstop Europe – we had put the co-ordinates in the GPS but after driving down very narrow lanes realized there was no Sosta there!! We had to reverse quite a way but luckily there was no other traffic! We had a journey on local roads then to Palmi and Villagio La Quiete. Pretty site – felt like we were camping in someones courtyard. Short walk to the beach. Only 3 vans on site including ours. The owner was very laid back and charged us €15 for the night ( without a receipt!) It would have been €20 with a receipt! We also had free unlimited wi-fi in the van.

Next morning we left the site and drove into Villa San Giovanni to get the ferry to Sicily. We hadn’t researched this aspect of the trip for some reason and so just had to follow signs and hope for the best!
We noticed an Italian van that had left the campsite just before us and it was also heading for Sicily so we got in the queue behind it. Went to the office for the ticket which was €65 return. Eventually the boat arrived and we boarded – noticing that apart from the 2 motorhomes the rest of the ferry was full of
lorries. We had heard that the crossing only took about 20 minutes and went straight across to Messina. To our astonishment we sailed past Messina and along the Sicilian coast. About an hour later we docked – south of Messina. This was great as we didn’t have to tangle with the city traffic and could just
get straight onto the motorway and head south to Catania.

We’d been warned that the Sicilian drivers were manic and much worse than the Italians so were a little bit prepared for insanity on the roads! It wasn’t too bad really until we reached Catania. Luckily the traffic was heavy and quite slow so we were able to change lanes as and when required – thank goodness ‘cos we kept finding ourselves in the wrong lane. We found Camping Jonio but the gate was closed and it looked deserted so we took a detour through a school yard(!) and emerged onto the next street. Rex went to investigate the campsite and a little man followed him and told him we should have rung the bell at the closed gate – anyway we got in and found ourselves a nice pitch overlooking the sea. It was all concrete so we couldn’t put the porch awning out but we were able to put the Fiamma awning out ok and tie it to
the railings.
The place was full of Germans in swimming costumes (ladies) and tiny “Speedos” (men) – not a pretty sight!
It was an ACSI site and cost us €14 a night. We thought it would be a good place to explore from but were disappointed with that! I think if you went in the summer there would be tours etc but they just seem to cater for the Germans in the winter and there was very little to do other than swim in the lava
pools. The sea was quite rough and the areas where people were sun bathing and swimming were very often swamped!

We got the bus into Catania but weren’t very enthralled with it – very dirty scruffy place with little going for it so we only went once!

We stayed there for 4 nights then decided to move to the north of the island.

We’d read an article in MMM a few years ago about Camping Rais Gerbi at Finale near Cefalu. It was described as a little bit of heaven. We decided to try it. After Avignon and Venice and with the prospect of Naples, Rome and Florence still to come we decided we’d rather just chill out and enjoy the weather on Sicily rather than sightsee so Rais Gerbi was definitely the place for us.

Fabulous site with huge pitches – even the big RV’s could get on easily. Another ACSI site at €14 a night. Good facilities even with washing up sinks on the pitches (only cold water but easy enough to boil a kettle!) Super swimming pool with sea water pumped in. Pebble beach but the sea was quite warm for paddling in.
Restaurant - only doing pizza in the winter – but excellent food. Less than 1 km to walk into the village and the Spar supermarket. Only down side for us was the lack of public transport – but then we realized we didn’t really want to go anywhere anyway!

We stayed for 7 nights and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Sunday 19th October we left Finale and drove to Messina for the ferry back to the mainland. We found the docks where we had got off the boat but were told campers weren’t allowed only lorries so we had to fight our way into Messina and find the other docks – that was fun – thank goodness it was a Sunday!
Eventually we got on a ferry and sailed back to Villa St Giovanni.

Driving in Sicily wasn’t as bad as we expected and the motorways were amazing – the engineering of the tunnels and viaducts is quite impressive. It’s just a pity they can’t join the tarmac bits together properly!! Road surfaces generally are pretty awful – potholes etc everywhere – bits of van working loose all the time!

We decided to go back to Villaggio La Quiete in Palmi for one night – it was the free wi-fi that did it!

Monday morning up early and off to Pompeii and Camping Spartacus – long drive – 250 miles – but not as hairy as we thought it was going to be! Road works most of the way and a motorway that was more like a
dual carriageway most of the time – loads of tunnels too!




Sep 3, 2007
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Part Three - The Journey Continues!

Part Three :roflmto:

Monday 20th October - Camping Spartacus – very faded and scruffy but so handy for
The Scavi (ruins) and the railway station.
A lot of road and rail noise from early morning until very late at night so not a site for relaxing in!
€14.50 a night – no discounts. Local restaurants etc expensive – but then it is a major tourist spot! Lots of tourist coaches about! School parties too of every nationality!

We had a hectic week in Pompeii:- Tuesday we went on the train to Sorrento and did an open top bus tour of the peninsula. That was excellent!
Wednesday we spent the whole afternoon in Pompeii Scavi.
We walked MILES!!! It’s so interesting and amazing to think how long it’s been buried and how old it was even then!
Thursday we got the train to Sorrento and the ferry to Capri – then the funicular up to Capri Town. We had a good walk around and took loads of photos.
Friday we were back on the train to Sorrento and this time we got the bus to Positano – had lunch then took the bus to Amalfi. Amazing sights and so glad we weren’t driving!
Saturday – train to Naples and a look around the Archeological Museum at the treasures rescued from Pompeii.

By the time we left Pompeii on Sunday we were really tired!
Off we went to Rome!

Uneventful journey and found Happy Village Camping easily. Nice site – free bus every hour to the railway station for trains into the city centre.
Happy Village is an ACSI site and cost us €14 a night. Wi-fi available in a little shelter near reception.
€6 for 24 hours. Good washing machines and dryers! ( I’m getting excited again!!)

We bought a weekly transport ticket at the station for €16 each which entitled us to use buses, trains and the underground in Rome for 7 days. Excellent value – only 2 underground lines but very easy to use.

Monday we went into Rome and took an open top bus tour – this gave us an overview of the city and helped us to decide which bits we really wanted to visit on foot. We didn’t stay long as we were quite tired from the week in Pompeii!

Tuesday we relaxed on site – contemplating our navels mostly!!!! In the evening we had an violent thunderstorm – very close and very busy!

On Wednesday we decided to visit the Vatican so off we went to St Peter’s Square. It was very crowded – with good reason – the Pope was there giving an audience to pilgrims from all over Europe! We couldn’t get into St Peter’s so decided to change our plans and go to the Colisseum instead. We were pestered by touts wanting to give us guided tours and in the end we gave in! We’re so glad we did! We had an Italian guide for the Colisseum who brought the whole place to life for us and told us stories we would never have found out for ourselves – it’s quite a gruesome place really!! Next we went on to the Palatino – the oldest settlement in Rome – the home of Romulus and Remus. Here we had a young American Art Historian as our guide – she was brilliant! From there we went down into the Roman Forum but it was nearly closing time we couldn’t really
explore as much as we wanted.
We got back to the van in time for yet another thunderstorm!

Thursday we decided to try the Vatican again – this time it was quieter and we got into St Peter’s quite quickly.
Entry is free to the Basilica – and a small fee is charged for the Treasury – well worth it though!
The Basilica is quite awesome and we spent most of the morning wandering around it.

We had a spot of lunch quite close by – where of course we were ripped off! Then we decided to do the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. Despite the offers of the touts to get us quickly past the queues – which we rejected – we found there weren’t any queues anyway!!
The Museum is enormous and it takes a long time to get to the Sistine Chapel. The rooms before it are quite amazing with frescos, sculptures, treasures etc. I particularly enjoyed the Raphael Rooms.

It’s hard to describe the sights we saw except to say – you have to do it! It’s €14 each and well worth it.
We left the Vatican and headed into town to find Hard Rock Café – we can’t resist it!! As we got over the Tiber it started to rain and thunder – the rain was torrential and the streets were like rivers – everyone was hurrying along with umbrellas and paddling through the deep puddles – we couldn’t stop laughing – it was chaos! We found Hard Rock Café and spent the next couple of hours enjoying a nice meal and drying off!

Friday it was back into Rome to re-visit the Palatino and Forum – very enjoyable day which finished with a visit to the new Luciano Pavarotti exhibition. I could quite easily have spent the whole day in there. There was a large screen showing videos of various operas and concerts, smaller screens showing more videos, memorabilia of his life and career including libretto, honours and letters ( some from Princess Diana). There was also an interesting display of costumes from his operatic performances.

Saturday we stayed on the site and got ready to move again.

On Sunday we set off for Florence but about halfway there we both decided we couldn’t any more culture and would save Florence and Pisa for another trip. We were both worn out!
We headed towards the coast and stayed in a car park at Torre Del Lago Puccini near Viareggio €2 for the night!. We were looking for a campsite but couldn’t find it so the car park had to suffice! It’s a pretty little spot and has a museum dedicated to Puccini who lived there and composed many of his works there.

So, that was Italy! We really enjoyed it and would certainly go back. Didn’t find the driving as bad as expected!
The roads were pretty awful especially in the south with miles and miles of road works. Fantastic views,
when you’re not in a tunnel! Not as cheap as Spain but cheaper than UK – Where isn’t? ( Oh yes- Norway!!) We still managed to spend a fortune though!
Friendly helpful people, good food. What more can I say? Favourite places – Venice, Northern Sicily, Rome.

Monday we went back into France – Villeneuve-Loubet a few miles west of Nice. We last stayed here 21 years ago and nothing has changed! ( Excpet we hadn’t got 2 stroppy teenagers with us this time!!)
€22.60 a night – only discounted if you stay more than a week. Wi-fi was extortionate at €8 an hour so we didn’t bother!
Rex’s back was bad when we arrived so on Tuesday we sat in the van all day and did nothing! I managed to walk to the supermarket and that was it!
On Wednesday we got the train to Monte Carlo – great except it rained all day and thundered too! Still better to be there and cold and wet than not there at all! We had a trip on a land train and took photos of wet yachts!!

Thursday it was back on the road and nearly to Spain – Leucate Plage Aire at €6 a night was OK- a bit chilly but at least dry!

Friday we crossed the border into Spain – a lot of snow on the Pyrenees – we later heard that they had the earliest snow in 42 years! Doesn’t bode well for winter!!

We stayed for 2 nights at Camping Salata in Roses - €21.88 a night – again only discounted for more than a week! Nice site and easy half hour walk into town.

Sunday 9th November - up and off early to get past Barcelona while the motorway was quiet! We stayed at L’Amettla Playa. Quiet site – bit difficult access in a large van - €12 – ACSI discount. Weather improving!

Monday we got past Valencia and onto Camping Azur at Oliva – DON’T TRY THIS IN A LARGE VAN!! We just about got along the narrow approach road – when you get on the site the roads are narrow with very tight corners! Lovely warm day and not too cold at night - we sat outside until about 10.30pm – with our fleeces on though!

This is where we are now. Tomorrow we are off again!:ROFLMAO:


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Jan 4, 2008
glad to hear that you are enjoying your winter touring, i get tired just reading about the many places you have been to see, so god knows how you both feel, tired but happy!!!!:thumb: i would imagine, see you in spring/summer


Sep 3, 2007
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glad to hear that you are enjoying your winter touring, i get tired just reading about the many places you have been to see, so god knows how you both feel, tired but happy!!!!:thumb: i would imagine, see you in spring/summer
Yes Ruth we're tired now! Can't wait to get to Conil and meet up with other funsters and REST! :thumb:

We've done about 4,500 miles and seen some fabulous places - got loads of photos too which I will upload at some point!

See you at Peterborough we hope!!:thumb::thumb:



Sep 3, 2007
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We're Here!!!!

Final Chapter!!

From Oliva we went to Sucina near Murcia for a couple of days, to visit friends who have settled there.
We park on the road outside their house and run the EHU cable through the garden!
Interesting village a few miles inland from San Javier. A few years ago the village was dying as all the young people were moving away. The village people got together and decided to inject a bit of new blood into it by allowing a developer to build an urbanization. This has proved very successful and many “Brits” have bought houses, either as holiday homes, or, as our friends have done to settle in. There are also many Spanish living in the urbanization so it’s not a Brit colony!
The shops and bars etc have welcomed the incomers and our friends are really settling into Spanish life. :thumb:

After a nice couple of days there we went to Freila near Baza which is east of Granada. We stayed at Camping Cabanuela which is about 5 minutes walk from Lake Negratin. At €18.90 a night it wasn’t cheap!
EHU etc but no internet. Quite a few statics but only a couple of tourers while we were there. We stayed for 4 nights. Quite chilly during the day and very crispy cold at night. Beautiful location in the hills.

The purpose of our visit there was to meet an old schoolfriend of mine from Primary School in Stretford, Manchester. We hadn’t seen each other for about 50 years!!! We found each other on Friends Reunited.
She has been living in Spain for 18 years and now lives in a cave house in Baza – wow! That was an amazing house !
We had a great time there and then moved on to Orgiva.

For those of you who have read Chris Stewart’s books “ Driving Over Lemons” etc this is the town he lives near.
Camping Orgiva is about 1 mile from town down a lovely path through the orange groves.
€94.95 for 7 nights with our 10% discount card they gave us on our last visit. We also got 20% discount for staying 7 nights. Lovely site with great views of the snow capped mountains and best of all - - Free Wi-Fi!!
While we were there we had a couple of trips on the local bus. First one was to Bubion from where we walked down to Pampaneira. These are two of the high white villages of the Poquiera Valley. The highest one is Capileira. The bus journey is quite hairy around many hairpin bends and sheer drops into the valley!
Pampaneira is a great place for shopping – cotton rugs, pottery – loads of things you don’t see anywhere else and Costa!! This is a local rough wine bought in plastic bottles from the barrel – pretty potent stuff and an acquired taste!! Yes we’ve acquired the taste!!:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

The other trip we did was to Granada. Only €7.70 each return – 3 hour round trip. The bus goes into the Granada bus station which is on the north end of the town. From there there is a local bus into the city centre for €1.20 each. It drops you right in the centre which was great as we ended up doing quite a bit of shopping!!:thumb::thumb::thumb:

We had great weather in Orgiva – daytime temperatures in the 20’s and sunny all the time. Nights were a bit colder but not as bad as Freila. All was to change though!!

Monday morning we were disturbed about 5.30 by high winds. Rex got up at 8.30 and found the roof had ripped off the porch awning!! :cry::cry::cry:We hastily put everything from the awning into the van and then dismantled the awning. Thank God we did as the winds got stronger and stronger! Later in the afternoon we had to walk into town to get some money out of the ATM to pay the campsite bill as we were leaving the following
morning. That was a very perilous walk – oranges and limes were flying down off the trees – plenty of “Path Kill” was gathered!!!:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

We left on Tuesday morning and headed south to the coast. We stayed at Nerja Camping - €90.15 for 5 nights!
Free Wi-fi from the bar terrace or pitch 50 which we were on – other pitches were too far away.
5 kms from Nerja so we were dependent on the local bus which was not that frequent and was a 10 minute walk away.
Nerja caves were about 20 minutes walk away and well worth a visit.
We went into Nerja town a couple of times – pretty place and about the nicest “Brit” place we’ve been to!

The campsite would be impossible in anything bigger than a 7 metre van we reckon – awkward access and small pitches with framework over – we struggled to get on the pitch! Only a small site and quite cramped.

Weather not too good here – much colder than Orgiva during the day and some rain.

Sunday 30th November we were off to Conil De La Frontera

Nice drive and weather cheered up a lot. We arrived in the car park at Camping Rosaleda and were immediately followed in by Joan and Ray ( rayv8). :roflmto::roflmto::roflmto: We’d arranged to meet there that day but not that
well co-ordinated! :thumb:

We’ve arrived!!

We’re staying here until the end of January and then ------ who knows????

So that’s it – 4,700 miles and 11 weeks – what a trip! We’ve seen some amazing places and met some lovely people!
We’re knackered and looking forward to a rest!

I’m starting to put photos on Fun now – may take some time as the Wi-fi here is pretty intermittent and we keep losing it! :cry::cry:
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