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Dec 25, 2007
Newcastle Upon Tyne
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What is a Geordie? I’ve heard many people ask
To give a definition is not an easy task
Some think he is a Heathen who grows leeks and lives on beer
But, if you listen for a while, I will give you my idea;

When God first made the universe His handiwork was grand
He made a man of every creed to cultivate the land.
He made Eskimo’s for Iceland, Africans to stand the heat,
But when it came to Geordies He said..”I doot ahm beet.!!”

So He made a man of iron, with muscles of forged steel
For heaving coal and ship building, a job that he’s done well.
And just to finish off the job, at least, so I’ve been told,
He completed his first Geordie by giving him a heart of gold.

So when you ask “What is a Geordie?” just stop and think again
If it wasn’t for Geordie Stephenson we’d’ve had no railway train
And awld Joe Swan from Sunderland first made electric light
And St Geordie slew the dragon, ahm varnaye sure that’s right!

So d’yi wonder that ahm proud to be a Geordie lad..?
A first class team, the world’s best beer, surely that can’t all be bad..?
And when my earthly days are done and I leave this world of sin
I’d like to hear St Peter say..”Haway, Geordie, it’s yor torn t’ get thim in..!! fun!!! fun!!! fun!!!

John & Joan

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Mar 30, 2010
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A true Geordie is born within the city of Newcastle upon Tyne. Originates from the siege of Newcastle. One explanation is that it was established during the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745. The Jacobites declared that the natives of Newcastle were staunch supporters of the Hanoverian kings, in particular of George II during the 1745 rebellion. The password to get through the city gates was "am a Gordies man".
May 23, 2008
Near Durham City
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The fewer people who know what a Geordie is the better. I'm a quarter of a Geordie as I live near Durham and not classed as a full blooded Geordie. One thing to be sure of is a very warm friendly person who lives in an area that the southerners dare not, or will not, venture to. Most of the south assume we still have outside toilets, keep pigeons, have an allotment and wear flat caps. In truth we live in one of the most beautful areas of the country and everyone who visits cannot believe the scenery.
So if you're not sure about a Geordie P L E A S E visit the North East and experience it for yourself.

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Wyaye wires

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Sep 13, 2009
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When I was young, you could be a Geordie in one pit village but not necessarily the adjacent ones...

This came about by some collieries using George Stephensons safety lamp; considered much superior to Sir Humphry Davey's version...

Another interpretation is that it became general usage for those from the region because of Geordie Ridley, a music hall act and composer of regional songs...

The other interpretation is given above...

However, I would argue that people from within the boundaries of the Toon are more correctly referred to as Novocastrians, as Geordies men were wider spread than just the city...
They needed to be to counter the supporters of the old and later the young pretenders, such as the Earl of Derwentwater...
Feb 9, 2008
SW Scotland
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Since 2008 after caravanning for 20 years
Born in Wallsend and have always considered myself a Geordie.

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