Fiat Ducato Service. 👍


Apr 28, 2008
Javea, Spain
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After a fall out with a garage we have used for many years back in Suffolk, for our motorhomes and cars for all the family over Covid and not wanting to work on it. 🖕
We decided we would get it done when we got home, the first mechanic was highly recommended english and a nice bloke but either could not
tell the time or what day it was, so he only got one chance working on the car. 🙂

Next was another English mechanic, nice bloke serviced the car and put it through the test. 👍
Turned up when he said and did what you paid him for, after weighing him up asked him if he could do the motorhome and decided he was OK, said we wanted a service and it's 4 years old in April and needs it's first ITV test, no problem he would book it in for mid March. 👍

He has got cancer and having treatment, but got two guys covering his work, I said I would let him know, but after many years of having work done on motorcycles cars motorhomes and trucks, and also having mates working in garages and workshops that I wouldn't trust doing my work, I like to know who's doing it, 😯 is it just me ?

Anyway we have passed a small garage in a village many times, and although they are fiat its cars, but had often seen motorhomes there, did a search on various motorhome forums and reviews and they come up trumps, so called in a couple of weeks ago, two men probably family speak reasonable English 😉 about a good as Janie's Spanish 👌 and did it yesterday. 🙂
Happy with the service they did, drop off about 9 pick up 1730, full service oil filter fuel filter air filter pollen filter screenwash and sundries €260 including labour that was €55 🙂 I'm sure it cost more in Suffolk. 🤔
So I think it's third time lucky. 😁 Bob.
Aug 20, 2020
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I'm a newbie
I know a guy with a maserati ghibli diesel

He's just been quoted £1200 to service it at maserati as its the big one and needs a fuel filter

I priced the parts and oil up at just under £100 so what they're doing for £1100 I have no idea , maserati don't make service parts so they'll be the same parts in a maserati box

Last week I had my ducato van serviced and mot , same 2.3 iveco as the MH for under £200 so €260 sound reasonable