European Breakdown cover small print - ERS

Jun 24, 2019
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Whilst undergoing the pain of finding new MH insurance I came accross a limitation in the ERS breakdown & recovery policy which might be important to others. ERS are a breakdown policy company used by several insurance companies. In their exclusions section of the policy it states;

For European Breakdown: (excludes)  Any cover in Europe if the vehicle has been out of the UK for more than 60 consecutive days or more than 90 days in total.

I have taken this to mean that I will not be covered for my usual 90 day winter stay in Spain! Good job I checked and not taken the word of the sales person who was stating happily that I was covered for up to 180 days in total a year.

One further gotcha was when I dug into the wind screen cover "yep fully covered" states the salesman only to go on to state, on cross examination, that the max cover was £750 with £75 excess. Not a lot of comfort for any A class MH owners.

I'm sure many on the forum will be well aware of such problems but thought less experience MH owners might find this info of some use.