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    Oct 20, 2010
    I currently own a Swift Lifestyle 630l on a 05 plate. Had loads of damp problems with the final blow coming when the electric step broke and finding out that the whole of the bottom floor together with the floor under the kitchen had rotted!! The retail price is well over £6000 to repair so have returned it back to the dealer from whence it came. I have been researching Euromobiles and now have the oppurtunity of purchasing an 03 770se on a fiat 2.8jtd. Can any members give me any feedback of Euromobiles and just how good they are when it comes to build and the dreaded damp!!

    Thanks in anticipation
  2. pij974

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    Mar 17, 2008
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    Hi and welcome:thumb: we had a Euramobil 770 hs tag axle, had no problems, build quality was fantastic and no probs with damp. The double floor kept it nice and warm in the winter and plenty of storage.
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    Hi Mungo, we had a Swift Kontiki and when we changed we had a list of what we wanted and it went something like this:

    Fully winterised as we use it all year

    Rear wheeldrive as we tow a car/ trailer

    I wanted a garage, I had enought of getting the bikes off the back rusted up and dirty

    We wanted an A Class and Auto to make it easier for Jane drive it.:winky:

    And a bit shorter so its not in the way at home.

    And came up with a Euramobil 666hb its on a Mercedes chassi with the sprint shift gearbox, 2.7 so pulls like a train when towing, we get about 27 solo and 24/ 25 towing its only 6.72m and its an A Class.:thumb:

    As for the build I would say very good and fully winterised down to -20

    We have just been to Germany for 9 weeks, and called in at the factory. they have a free stellplatz there with free electric and every day they do a tour of the factory Monday - Friday 9 - 10:30 and you see how they make them and what they use to build them, once they glue them together you can drive away in 45 minutes, and at the end you get rolls cake and coffee and its all free.::bigsmile: The tour is in German and English and well worth going on.:thumb: We are very happy with our van, but only you can decide what van is best for you.:Smile: Bob.

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