Ducato MK2 Door lock adjustment (1 Viewer)

Apr 6, 2019
Eye, Peterborough, UK
Funster No
FourWinds Windsport 6.8L V10
I have a 1999 chassis (230)
and suffer the high speed door tops opening and leaking precious warm air and making a noise!

I am trying some after market rubber seal applied to the doors to meet the old rubber on the cab.
Fitted fairly easily and there is a nice whump when I close the doors now. Then I came to lock up and realised I couldn't turn the key in passenger door..... Great!

Much fiddling later and discovered the cab door pin actually has some adjustment built in if you are brave enough to undo the 19mm? Bolt.

Moved pin away from cab and doors now shut and lock and as a bonus the door lock button inside is far far smoother!

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