Door Mirror making a bid for freedom

Oct 21, 2020
Funster No
Murvi Morello
Since 1995
I have a 2011 Ducato PVC and have an issue with the electric folding door mirror. It played up with a different problem back in December after a long period of rain. Then it wouldn't move and I forced it open and then it completely disengaged. I had to wedge it to drive it to the garage. That was fixed by a technician resetting it. Getting ready today to go away and the mirror unfolded to the correct position then kept on going until it was almost pointing forward. Now it will fold in OK but folds out to the max position. It also gets the hump and won't move for a minute or two after folding in.
Since January I've been regularly driving the van to make sure it all keeps moving freely.
So any ideas on how to get it back in line so to speak.
Thanks in advance