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  • Hi Bewildered, I will be on the QT for a while, I have had my say, There is no point in keeping on, no one will listen anyway!!! Bruce.
    Hello Bruce thanks for the comment. I have to say when I read some of your comments I've felt to myself do you know he's saying what I think. I'd I recently rejoin motorhomefun after a long absence. I really regret paying my subs as it appears to have morphed into the daily mail with a motorhome!
    Best wishes Nigel
    Hi Nigel, It is a rare thing that we agree with someone these days. Everyone seems to be on the other side.
    I always look at both sides and decide for myself, Although it seem it makes me less popular. Many people on here have the same opinion as me, I think they are afraid to be visible.
    PM me if you want to talk. 420 letter limit on here.
    Regards Bruce

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