Carpet Replacement with Vinyl

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Blackcurrant-Jam, Jun 13, 2010.

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    May 3, 2010
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    I am just about to get my first motorhome (very exciting:) It is a small Suntor coachbuilt which has fitted carpet. It has been laid before the carpentry was done so goes right under the units but I really need a vinyl floor for easy cleaning, spillages, muddy dogs, wetsuit sand and the rest. Has anyone out there relaced a carpet or covered one up? Any ideas or advice would be very welcome.
    BTW: I don't want laminate it has to be vinyl. I imagine laying it on top if the carpet would not work as it would be too soft a base.
    Thanks in advance
  2. pappajohn

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    you may find there is already vinyl under the carpet....probably wont be to your taste though :Sad:
  3. bald eagle

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    How blackcurrant-jam
    Changing our carpet for vinyl was the first job we done when we got our m/h.
    First thing i done was to cut the carpet as tight to the units and wood work
    making sure i got it out in one complete piece.
    Then put it on top of the vinyl and then drew round it making sure it was a quarter
    of an inch bigger and then cut out the shape.
    Now here comes the tricky bit, the carpet which is under the units i pushed back with
    a small screw driver, then their is enough room to slide the vinyl under.
    just to let you know this job took me all day.
    Hope this helps and good luck:thumb:

    bald eagle:thumb:
  4. TomTee

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    Consider Flotex. It's brilliant as it has the warm feel of a carpet but it has a rubber base and you can even hose it down.

    I had some in my kitchen and when the kitchen was refitted I put it in part of the garage and after about twenty years it's still like new.

    It's not cheap but it's worth every penny in my opinion. I've just had a new Hobby motorhome and I've ordered a piece of Flotex, which I can fit perfectly by laying the original carpet on the back of the Flotex, drawing a line around it and then cutting it to shape. Unlike ordinary carpet Flotex doesn't need its edges binding.

    Do a web search and you'll see the dozens of patterns and shades. You can order it online but I've ordered mine from my local Carpetright.
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    Hi Cathie , I have recently fitted Vinyl Plank type flooring on the top of my vinyl floor.After 3.5 yrs it was beginning to get the odd mark and stone hole.I was going to replace with more sheet vinyl but got a box of the plank stuff off a mate :thumb:Very easy to do as you are only messing with small pieces and it will push under your units :thumb:See pics under my van in the fun garage :thumb:
  6. GDH

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    I am with the Flotex option. Put it in our caravan and after 4 years, good as new. One of the first jobs done on the M/H. Cut it in to managable sizes and then you can take it out, hose it down, and once dry put back in, good as new. And as said it feels nice underfoot.:BigGrin:

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