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  • Hi John.
    i noticed on one of your old posts you said you may have a 400009 filter which is of no use to you? i certainly would be very useful to us if you were willing to part with it? if so let me know what you would be willing to take for it. Many thanks in advance.
    Hi, sorry to bother you but I asked a question about OBD readers and somebody quoted a post you said you used a hand held plug in reader. I have the Ducato 2.2 multi jet, which engine is yours?

    Thank you, in anticipation
    Hi there. Hope you don't mind me asking but you seem very knowledgable on leisure battery front.We have just had 2 brand new leisure batteries installed but they don't seem to hold a charge once engine is turned off. There is a red alarm light that is showing on the panel ( intermittently.). Our van is Hymer 2004. Thanks, olga
    Hi ! Anyone used the double sided omelette pan to cook a variety of tasty meals. The skillet does not appear to be available now.
    Sorry about that but I was informed by I think Jim that he had removed the thread stating that Stingray went bust ages ago which is surprising as their website is still functioning
    John... A good friend is doing a charity event and needs some power, a Tea Urn and something else... Any thoughts as to how much power these things mau use? Would a small gennie do?
    Hi John, we are going down to Duncans straight from the Tour de France at skipton, is there anything we can help you with, just dropping RV off for testing picking it back up a week on Friday xx
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