Can anyone explain this??

Mar 24, 2019
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I posted about a problem with my Teleco satellite last week -

Basically, the dish could only locate the satellite at the location where I'd performed the software upgrade, which was the storage location where I keep the van. Everywhere else it was just spinning until it got an error message.

The storage location has no EHU so I was running the system from my leisure battery. The other 3 locations I tried unsuccessfully, we were on EHU.

I've done a lot of googling to try and solve this and I saw one post on another forum which suggested putting the dish up before going onto EHU. I did this at the weekend and it located the satellite immediately. I then brought the dish down, connected to hook up and put it up again. Same result, it found it immediately.

Due to the imminent lockdown I'm unlikely to be able to test this again for a few weeks/months so it's got me there any reason EHU could prevent the system locating the satellite initially? Or is it just a coincidence? There were no obvious obstructions at any of the locations it couldn't get a signal, people next to us were getting reception no problem, so I doubt it's as simple as that.

Thoughts anyone?
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